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  Christmas 2000 With Allan and Jenny and Nick. 

  Winter Wonderland 2001  At our home in Victoria, Minnesota.

  Las Vegas Trip  February, 2001.  With Allan, Mom, Dad.

  Uncle Don’s Funeral  February, 2001.  Family photos.

  Spirit of Fire  March 2001. Holy Family Catholic School Fundraiser.

  Home & Garden Expo  April 2001. Chamber of Commerce Event.

  Happy Birthday, Nancy  April 2001.  Surprise Party at Ghent, MN.

  Sharing & Caring Hands  May 2001.  With Dick & Mary Jo Copeland.

  Speaker Dennis Hastert  June 2001.  And Mayor Mary Meuwissen.

  Christmas in July 2001  At Green Lake with the family.

  Doing Deer Run  July 2001.  Eighteen holes with Allan and the Floras.

  Al Lehner is 60!  July 2001.  A Surprise Party in Hutchinson.

  Victoria Lions Weekend July 2001.  Old Town becoming New Town.

  Summer’s Lake Minnetonka  August 2001.  Sunrise to sunset.

  Downtown Redevelopment  August 2001.  Victoria is ready!

  Arriving at September 11, 2001  In the City of Brotherly Love.

  Touch of Bavaria 2001  German music, food , and fun in Victoria.

  Wendelin Grimm, the Famous Farmer  October 2001.  Open House.

  Visiting the Victoria Fire Station  October 2001.  Open House.

  Autumn’s Aura 2001  At our home in Victoria, Minnesota

  The Cross in the Woods  October 2001. With Fr. Elstan in Michigan.

  Leftovers From 2001  Never before published until this very moment!

  Winter Road Trip February 2002.  Traveling through the Ozarks.

  Home & Garden Business Expo  April 2002.  Doing business in Victoria.



  The Wedding-2002  Jenny Orsen marries Christopher Thor Norgaard


  Rural Life Sunday-2002  At the Kelzer farm in Victoria.

  Summer’s Song-2002  Our woodsy yard and potted impatiens.

  The Mighty Mississippi-2002 Cruising down the river.

  When the Siren Sings-2002  Recognizing Victoria firefighters and 9/11.

  The Land of Oz-2002  A Whirlwind Trip to Kansas

  Home Based Business Expo-2002  Businesses based in Victoria homes.

  Happy New Year 2003  At the Officers’ Club near Fort Snelling.

  Baby’s Room-January 2003   A Happy New Year seems on its way.

  The Birth of Adeline-January 2003  The delight of our first grandchild.

  A Flag for Fishermen  February 2003.  Annual Ice Fishing Contest in Victoria

  Song of Mark  Musical by combined choirs of St. Hubert & St. Victoria.

  The Baptism of Adeline  And dinner at the Norgaard’s home.

  Wow!  The Victoria Field House  March 15th, 2003, Grand Opening.

  Interlude in Illinois  May 2003.  Visiting our Mentor, Fr. Elstan.

  Segue to St. Louis  ...And finding Fr. Bernardine nearby.

  Miss Adeline’s Maiden Voyage  In May 2003 on Lake Minnetonka.

  A Family Fourth of July 2003  With the kids on Lake Minnetonka.



             Alaska by Land  Becoming acquainted with the Great Land.

             Alaska by Sea  Meeting mountains, glaciers, and port cities.


  Sampling San Diego  August 2003.  In a red Mustang Convertible.

  Touch of Bavaria 2003  The best party in Victoria, Minnesota!!

  Mom’s Quilt 2003  A surprise at our Family Thanksgiving Christmas Occasion.

  Gazette Columnists-2003  Thank you, writers, for your words, wisdom, wit.

  Visiting the Food Shelf  It provides for 40 to 50 families every day.

  Watch Addie Grow  2003.  It was a very good year for small town girls ...

  Country Christmas in Branson  And the reason for the season.

  Merry Christmas 2003  There’s no place like home for the holidays.

  Roger Oas Turns 60  A surprise birthday party with lots of karaoke.

  Happy New Year 2004  The Officer’s Club is always inviting.

  Addie is One!  January 2004.  Our granddaughter’s first birthday party.

  Doing Camp Snoopy  It looks like Valentine’s Day came early.

  It’s All Relative-2004  Hanging around at the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest.

  Bath Time.  2004.  Fun in February with Addie Sue.

  Founder’s Day at Holy Family.  2004.  Recognizing the high school’s founders.

  Easter with the Kids-2004  The latest on Miss Adeline.



             Bed, Breakfast, and Brussels

             Rendezvous with Relatives

             Nod to the North Sea

             Amsterdam and Aaslmeer

             Kudos to Keukenhof


  Addie at the Farm With the ducks and the barn and the new sandbox.

  Addie at Eden Prairie Center   Hanging around with the big kids.

  A Pressing Occasion  The Gazette celebrates 25 yrs. and introduces Crow River Press.

  Boatman Briefs  Analisa, daughter of Allan’s cousin, gets married in Chicago.

  Addie at the Library  A gift in Wayzata from Grandpa Al.

  Addie in Iris Time  Blooms passing through three generations.

  Breaking Ground for Victoria Elementary -  A public school returns to Victoria!

  Peter’s Resort - July 2004  A short summer getaway.

  Animal Fair  Guess what occurs in Carver County each August!

  Jesse James Days 2004  An annual celebration with the kids in Northfield, Minnesota.

  Colorful Cabo San Lucas  2004 A summertime vacation in Baja.

  Norgaards of Northfield 2004  September birthdays for Jenny and Christopher.

  President Bush in Person  It happened on October 9th in the City of Chanhassen.

  Summer Boating 2004  Summarizing our summer boating season.

  Family Fall Festival 2004  Pre-Christmas-Thanksgiving Party with Mom & Dad.

  Merry Christmas, Columnists! 2004  Greet those who grace the Gazette each month.

  Gunnar Ray Arrives  Our first grandson was born on December 21st, 2004.

  Gunnar Ray-Third Day!  A family Christmas card.

  Merry Christmas!  2004  Together for Christmas.

  Addie is Two!  The big day was January 21st, 2005.

  Jake’s January Wedding 2005 A family wedding in Rochester.

  Gunnar Raymond Gets Baptized  2005  Now he’s a holy roly poly.

  Kids At The Mall –2005  Double strollers were a good invention.

  Grumpy Old Men 2005  Photo fun at the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest.

  Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!  2005 Our family flight to Alamo, Texas.

  A March Montage.  An anniversary, a birthday, and three Norwegians.

  Springtime-2005  April and May did not go by unnoticed!

  Playing at Menard’s  Competing with the Mall of America.

  Fishing for Sunnies  2005  Fun with the kids at Lake Zumbra.

  Father’s Day-2005  Hanging out in Marshall, Minnesota.

  Fun on the Fourth 2005  From a big pond to a little pond.

  A Link with the Lions 2005 The biggest weekend of the year in Victoria.

  Finding Harmony 2005 A step back in time.

  Play by Play 2005  The grandchildren enjoy Victoria’s new playgrounds.



             Boating with Allan

             Boating with Floras

             Boating with McNallans

             Boating with Wartmans

             Boating with Father Bob

             Boating with Backyards


  Mama’s Hugs 2005  Addie and Gunnar with their Mommy.

  Mall Kids 2005  Addie and Gunnar at the Mall(s)

  Landmark Among Lakes 2005  Open House Dedication of Victoria Elementary School.

  Hey!  It’s a Hayride!  2005  There’s still a tractor and hayrack in Victoria.

  Happy Birthdays, Jenny and Chris 2005  An annual thing.

  Emerald Crest of Victoria 2005 Visiting the newest jewel in the crown of Victoria.

  Happy Halloween 2005  Thank you, Victoria Lions, for treating all our little ones.

  At Hunting Camp  2005  Thank you, Norgaards, for another successful deer hunt.

  November With Nick 2005  Son Nick was our Thanksgiving baby … a few years ago.

  Merry Christmas, Columnists 2005.  Talent, treasure, toll free.  Meet them all!


  Briefly in Branson  2005.  A Christmas Cruise on the Branson Belle.

  Gunnar is One  2005  A birthday party for Number One Grandson.

  Christmas Day-2005  There’s no place like home for the holidays.

  Auld Acquaintance-2005  December gatherings of old and new friends.

  Our Home for Christmas 2005  Before the decorations are put away once again.

  Happy Birthday, Mom  2006  A surprise January trip to Alamo, Texas.

  Addie is Three 2006  Opening presents and squealing in innocent delight.

  Rosy Red Cheeks 2006  Many of them appeared at the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest.

  An Orsen Family Reunion 2006.  Gathering in West Saint Paul.

  Camp Snoopy Again  2006.  Every occasion at the Mall of America is a new adventure.

  Welcome to Our World 2006  The story of the Tom and Teresa Gregory home.



             Landing in Lisbon.  A city of seven hills, seamen, and spiritual history.

             Faith in Fatima.  The home of Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia.

             Merry in Madrid.  A colorful capital and countryside.

             Love in Lourdes.  At the grotto, in the footsteps of Bernadette.


  Happy on Mother’s Day 2006  Four generations all around.

  Spring Friars 2006  Visiting Father Elstan and Father Bernardine.

  Drenched on Deck 2006  A soaker on Lake Minnetonka.

  Concert in the Park 2006  A new adventure in the City of Victoria!

  Krystal’s Wedding 2006  Another cousin gets married.

  Summer Sunset 2006  One evening on Lake Minnetonka.

  Cousins on Lake Minnetonka 2006 Girls just wanna have fun.

  Victoria House Boys 2006  Meet Bobby, John, and Danny Boy!

  Four Generations for Dinner 2006.  It went from grand to great.

  Our Bearfoot Landscapers 2006.  The big work was done last summer.

  Our New Landscape 2006.  Flowers and grass have come to pass.



             Italy I.  Vatican City State, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Coliseum

             Italy II.  Spanish Square, Pantheon, Catacombs, Abbey, Pompeii.

             Italy III.  Sorento, Isle of Capri, Orvieto, Assisi and Umbria.

             Italy IV.   San Gimignano, Florence, Tuscany, Chioggia.

             Italy V.  Islands of Venice, Como, Lake Maggiore, Arrivederci.


  Merry Christmas, Columnists! 2006  The editor’s favorite writers.

  The Old Home Succumbs  2006.  A slow and painful death.

  Merry Christmas-2006  Deck the family halls with boughs of holly.

  Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!   2007  Together in Texas and Mexico.

  Orsen’s Oasis 2007  One acre of wildlife in one little corner of Victoria.

  Playing at the Mall of America — Again!  2007  Visitors from the North Woods.

  Engaging Photos  2007.  Nick Orsen is engaged to Jenny Jo Ellingson.

  Happy Birthday, Allan  2007.  It’s a 60th birthday and some special surprises.

  St. Victoria Staff on Stage  2007.  The annual volunteer appreciation dinner.

  Memorable Founders Day  2007.  St. Victoria celebrates 150 years.

  Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom and Dad  2007.  One decade after the other.

  Pine Lake Pictures  2007.  Spending a little time up north.

  Summer Concerts in the Park  2007.  Under the (Victoria) skies of blue.

  Victoria Lions Weekend  2007.  Victoria’s best weekend of the year.

  Where is Waskish?  2007.  It’s far up north and it’s beautiful.

  Sun and Storm at Sea  2007.  Where were you on the Fourth of July?

  Scrapbook Bridal Shower  2007.  Both Jenny Lee and Jenny Jo love to scrapbook.

  Sunset Fest 2007.  Celebrating St. Victoria’s 150th with the Archbishop.



             Destruction in Our Yard.  Losing 12 huge maple trees.

             Cleaning Up the Jungle.  From start but not to finish.

             Our Neighbors’ Damage.  To both home and yard.


  Old San Antone  2007.  The Hill Country, Old Missions,

                                            and River Walk of San Antonio, Texas.



             The Practice and Groom’s Dinner.  Nick Orsen and Jen Ellingson prepare to tie the knot.

             The Wedding Day.  Nick in his tux, Jen in her gown, getting married.

             The Reception and Dance.  Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Nick Orsen.


  Cousins Counting 60  2007.  Lots of Orsen people were born about the same time 60 years ago.

  Thanksgiving Birthdays  2007.  Nick and Jen were born only five days — and two years — apart.

  My Favorite Columnists  2007.  Greet the people who help fill all those pages in the Gazette.

  Cousins at Christmas  2007.  At our home after the St. Victoria Choir Concert and then after Christmas.

  Merry Christmas-2007  With the kids and grandkids and also birthday presents.

  New Year’s Eve  2007  A wonderful annual evening at the Officers’ Club.

  Winter Weekend  2008  Sledding with Addie and Gunnar.

  Addie is Five  2008  Where does the time go?  Wasn’t Addie just born?

  Unspeakable Memories  2008  Recalling some front page Victoria people.

  Through the Woods  2008  Finding the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest.

  Afternoon at the Mall 2008  Might you call it Grandbabysitting?

  Easter Snow Scenes 2008  It only happens once in a lifetime.

  Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature! 2008  First signs of spring at Lowry Nature Center.

  The Killing Field 2008  State Highway 5 through Victoria is a killing field.



             Thiede House Going Down.  The blue center house in downtown Victoria went first.

             Wartman House Going Down.  Euch and Julianne’s house was a big one.

             Victoria Café Going Down.  Catherine Vanderlinde served hundreds and thousands of people.


  The Good Old Summertime  2008  Enjoying another Victoria Concert in the Park.

  The Gonvick Rodeo 2008  From Cowboy Church to Mutton Busting.

  Summer Fling 2008 Hanging out at the Mall and Lake Minnetonka.

  New Orleans and All That Jazz 2008  The hurricanes missed us.

  A Very Victoria Volksfest 2008  A few scenes on the Victoria Veranda in September.

  Celebrating 150 Years 2008  The Moravians on Lake Auburn in Victoria.

  A Dalmatian Day 2008  At the Open House of the Victoria Fire Department.

  Carpenter Lumber Going Down 2008  After one hundred years in Victoria.

  Colorado Blue Spruce 2008  Arriving in the midst of beautiful fall colors.

  Getting Planted in Tioga 2008  A new nest to call home.

  Sophia is Born 2008  Nick and Jen’s little honey and our new granddaughter.

  Sophia Meets Her Cousins 2008  Addie and Gunnar and Auntie Jenny come home from Tioga.

  Four Generations for Sophia 2008  A baby shower before my parents leave for Texas.

  At Nick’s House 2008  Just relaxing after Sunday dinner.

  Thanksgiving with Nick and Family 2008  Sophia is almost a month old.

  Thanksgiving in Tioga 2008  Amtrak makes Jenny’s home much closer to us.

  Sophia is Baptized  2008  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  Breakaway to Branson 2008  Having fun with the Floras.

  Christmas 2008  Wonderful with the kids and grandkids.

  You Gotta Have Heart 2009  And blood running through your veins.

  Breezy But Sunny 2009  The annual Ice Fishing Contest in Victoria, of course.

  Touring Marsh Lake 2009  Getting a firsthand glimpse of the hunters’ paradise.

  The Kids at Grandma’s House 2009  Taking turns holding Sophie again.

  Sitting with Sophia 2009  Grandma Sue gets to babysit at Nick and Jen’s home.

  Just Sophia 2009  Loving her exercise saucer.

  Hanging Out at Nick’s 2009  After a train ride from Tioga.

  Tioga Kids at E.P. Center 2009  Addie and Gunnar relive their younger days.

  Ribbon Cutting for Fresh Seasons 2009  More than 100 years later, a second grocery store in Victoria.

  Girls Day 2009  When the men are away, the girls will play.

  An April Birthday 2009  Everyone is home for birthday cake and strawberries.

  Peek A Boo With Sophie 2009  Hanging out at Sophie’s house.

  Three Times To Tioga 2009  Amtrak takes us where we want to go!

  Water Babies 2009 A weekend by the swimming pools in Marshall.



  Feed the Birds 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with Chuck and Pam Freiberg.

  Cousins at the Counter 2009  Norwegian cousins visit us in Victoria.

  Little Window unto the World 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with Bob and Christine Meller.

  Striking Accord 2009  A chord of harmony among St. Victoria choir members.

  Fun with the Floras 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with John and Jan Flora.

  July Concerts in the Park 2009  At Victoria’s popular Wednesday night concerts.

  Playing with Sophie 2009  Who has more fun than Grandma Sue and Garndpa Al!

  Shish ka bobs and Popcorn 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with Julianne and Mary Moore.

  Sophie Shopping 2009  A tiny little girl in a very big grocery cart.

  Uncle Jim is 80  2009  A birthday party near Ghent, Minnesota.

  The Chain that Links Generations 2009  Families at Victoria’s Lions Tournament Weekend.

  A Paige with Sharen 2009  On Lake Minnetonka Sharen Geske and her granddaughter Paige.

  Sophie’s Maiden Voyage 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with Nick, Jen, and their little Sophie.



  Holding and Hugging 2009  That’s what happens nowadays when our kids get together.

  Seven Hours in the Sun 2009  And nobody got sunburned!

  On Deck at Dusk 2009  You can’t go boating without also eating.

  A Vabulous Volksfest 2009  The day and destination were made for each other in Victoria.


  Sophie in September 2009  Hanging out with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al.

  Posse Patrol in Victoria 2009  Follow the equestrian nose.

  Catching September Sun 2009  On Lake Minnetonka with Nancy and Steve.



             A Mexican Minute  The first three days.

             A Second Mexican Minute  The last five days.


  The Grand Re-Opening 2009  Of the grand Victoria Recreation Center.

  Fire Department Open House 2009  Misty day doesn’t dampen spirits at the Fire Station.

  Alone to Tioga 2009 Tripping again on the train to visit the kids.

  Sophie is One 2009  A birthday party for the special occasion.

  Mall of America Kids 2009  Grandma Sue lives only 30 minutes from this fun place. 

  Merry Christmas Columnists 2009  Thank you, good writers, for contributing to the Gazette.



             Page One 2009  Removing siding, replacing windows, new soffits and exterior eyebrow.

             Page Two 2009  Removing stair walls, porch wall, coat closet, china cabinet, desk, carpet.

             Page Three 2009  Adding stone to exterior, new siding, corbels, new garage windows.

             Page Four 2009  Installing white oak floor, back entry rail, siding, granite, painting exterior.

             Page Five 2009  Painting, sanding, ceramic stove hood, newdoors, drawers, new appliances.

             Page Six 2009  Installing new light fixtures, wiring speakers, hallway carpet, window boxes.

             Page Seven 2009  Our “new home” is completed and ready to celebrate the summer.

             Page Eight 2009  Allan and Nick removed our old deck and built a beautiful brand new one.

             Page Nine 2009  Home and hearth take on a special warmth at Christmas time.


  Christmas With the Kids Begins 2009  Tioga kids arrive early due to pending blizzard.

  Christmas All Together 2009  All together with Jenny and Nick and their families.

  Finishing Touches of 2009  Nancy’s 40th Anniversary and New Year’s Eve at the Officers’ Club.


  Thanking Firefighters One at a Time 2010  Victoria Council and Staff honorVictoria Firefighters.

  Fish ‘n Chips 2010  Both were good at the annual Victoria ice Fishing Contest.

  Snow Story in Victoria 2010  Snapping a few February shots in Victoria.

  Sophie on Friday 2010  Grandma Sue gets to keep an eye on little Sophie every week.

  Spring Break in Tioga 2010  It’s another name for Peaceful Valley.

  The Lowell Inn 2010  A good place to celebrate an anniversary.

  Marching with Sophie 2010  More fun with the little peanut.


  A MOTHER’S JOURNEY in 2010 … From Indiana to Minnesota.

             The Beginning 2010  The artist is a chemist, machinist, welder, laborer, painter, poet.

             The Pickup 2010  A white pickup truck was instrumental in transporting from IN to MN.

             The Blessing 2010  A Franciscan friend turned the Madonna into Our Blessed Mother.

             The Site Preparation 2010  The site in Victoria was prepared for her sentry place at home.

             The Arrival 2010  The Ave Maria finds her home at the St. Victoria Catholic Church.



  Sophie Still the Baby 2010  It lasted for 18 and a half months.

  Mia is Born 2010  Little Mia Marie arrived on Mother’s Day.

  Meeting Mia 2010  Sophie meets her baby sister for the very first time.

  Home Away from Home 2010  Lots of weekend traveling from one home to another.

  Nick and His Girls 2010  Some family pictures before the Twins game at Target Field.

  Quite the Choir 2010  More food, fun, and karaoke at the annual Spring Party.

  Arboretum Azaleas 2010  A colorful day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


  Watching Them Grow 2010  Like carrots in a garden patch.

  Fourth of July 2010  A deck and pool party.

  Beside the Babies 2010  Hanging out beside the babies.

  Ten Hours to Tioga 2010  More discoveries in this northern state.

  Lake Sakakawea 2010  The third largest manmade lake in the United States.

  Baby Mia Gets Baptized 2010  Four generations for the occasion.

  Around Town with the Editor 2010  A few shots here and there from July.

  Shades of August 2010  Summer is beginning to fade away.

  On the Fairgrounds 2010  Introducing Sophia to the Minnesota State Fair.

  Victoria Volksfest 2010  A fun day at Victoria’s annual fun day fest.


  OUR OCEAN’S ELEVEN 2010 . . . Eleven days cruising the Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

             New York to Newport.  From a skyline of skyscrapers to a coastline of summertime mansions.

             Peggy’s Cove and Halifax.  From a haunting bagpipe to a shoreline boardwalk.

             Quebec City.  From upper town to lower town and all around a fabulous French city.

             At Sydney and At Sea.  From the St. Lawrence Seaway and back to the Statue of Liberty.


  Kirsch Building Down 2010  Another downtown Victoria landmark bites the dust.

  While Mia Naps 2010  Playing outside with Sophie.

  When Tioga Calls 2010  Amtrak awaits our nighttime excursion.

  Sophie is Two 2010  The little sweetie is a whole year older.



  More Fridays with the Babies 2010  And with Grandma Sue’s camera.

  Thanksgiving Day 2010  Over the river and through the woods …

  Four Generations for Thanksgiving 2010  From my parents to my children and grandchildren.

  A Christmas Scrapbook 2010  Watching little Jenny and Nick grow up at Christmas time.

  Merry Christmas, Columnists 2010  Up close and personal with my favorite writers.


  A Little Visit 2010  We drove over to see Mia before her heart valve surgery.

  Merry Christmas 2010  Jenny and Nick and their families come home for Christmas.

  The Sledding Hill 2010  What’s more fun than opening presents?

  Best Wishes to New Businesses 2010  Best wishes to the new businesses in Victoria in 2010.


  HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011  Get ready for another year of Sue’s Album!

  The Babies in January 2011  Grandma Sue gets to babysit Sophie and Mia sometimes.

  Fine February Fishing 2011  More people at the Victoria Fishing Contest than ever before.

  The Babies in February  2011  Where did January go???

  Hanging Out at Home  2011  Jenny and her kids drive home to Victoria from Tioga, ND.


  At Home on the Rio Grande 2011  Visiting Mom and Dad in Texas.


  Orsen Babies in April 2011  They make Grandma Sue laugh.

  Grandpa Al’s Birthday  2011 Grandchildren blow out the candles.

  Time with the Train Kids 2011  More activities after Grandpa Al’s birthday party.

  Time with the Orsen Babies 2011  Grandma Sue on the job.

  The New Wayzata Muni 2011  Nine years of planning come to fruition.



              Finding the Family at Tioga 2011  Another road trip to Tioga, with a brand new passenger!

              First Overnight Together 2011  More than a Bed and Breakfast.

              First Communion Sunday 2011  A big day for a little girl, Miss Addie Sue Norgaard.

              Finishing the Fine Occasion 2011  An evening by the fire.


  Orsen Babies in May 2011  The littlest sweetie pies.

  Mia is One 2011  Where did a whole year go!

  From Stately to Sawdust-Part One  2011  Trimming the tree but not for Christmas.

  From Stately to Sawdust-Part Two  2011  The final blow and the rest is history.

  Orsen Babies in June 2011  Catching some of their many faces.

  Wheeling in from Everywhere 2011  From Tioga, from Brooklyn Park, from Ghent.

  A Wartman Wedding 2011  Mike Wartman is father of the bride.

  We Live in a Zoo 2011  Sometimes I feel like we live in a zoo.

  Miscellaneous Moments 2011 Finding baby sunnies on Lake Zumbra.

  Fourth of July 2011 On Lake Minnetonka with Nick and family.

  Hanging Out in Victoria 2011 The editor takes lots of pictures!

  A Bunch on the Boat 2011 Anchoring again at Big Island with kids and grandkids.

  Erin’s Wedding 2011  Four generations together again, at a wedding in Shakopee.

  Miscellaneous August 2011  Always something going on.

  Kids Koncert in the Park 2011  Lions Park has become Concert Park.

  Pixie Poses 2011  The little baby girls pose for Grandma Sue.

  St. Victoria’s Got Talent 2011  It was an evening full of delight.

  Shopping for School 2011  With Jenny, Addie, and Gunnar — all the way from Tioga.

  Ice Cream Social 2011  Moravian ladies make the best pie in Victoria.

  Picture Perfect Volksfest 2011  It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  The Grand Marshal 2011  Riding in the James J. Hill Parade in Wayzata.

  Feed the Birds 2011  A beautiful evening on Lake Minnetonka.

  Allan’s Cousins 2011  Enjoying a wedding in St. Cloud together.

  A Touch of Victoria 2011  Greeting a few businesses and city groups.

  The Babies in September 2011  Sixty seconds worth of pictures.

  As Summer Ends 2011  A 50th wedding anniversary and a final cruise on Minnetonka.

  Wheelin’ Kids and Grandkids 2011 And birthday cake for Sophie who is now 3 years old!

  ‘Fall’ing All Out in Victoria 2011  Silent characters decorate yards in town.

  Munchkins in Masquerade 2011  A bewitching time of year in downtown Victoria.

  Plantings in the Park 2011  Carver Park, literally in the editor’s backyard, gets an overhaul.

  Thanksgiving-2011  Together for turkey dinner and overnights at Grandma Sue’s house.

  Cinderella 2011  A new experience at the Old Log Theatre in Excelsior.

  Merry Christmas, Columnists 2011  A photo album page of the Gazette’s wonderful contributors.

  Lions End Year with Good Cheer 2011  The annual Christmas party with fellowship and friends.

  Eyes on Santa 2011  Little Sophie was not afraid to meet Santa Claus.

  New Calves for the New Year 2011  At the barn in Victoria with Jerry Michel.

  Dinner at Nancy’s 2011  A prime rib dinner enjoyed by four generations.

  Merry Christmas 2011  A wonderful time that came and went way too fast.



             Addie’s Number Nine 2012  Celebrating the 9th birthday of our goddaughter granddaughter.

             The Playing Kids 2012  Addie and Gunnar make us laugh and even giggle outloud.

             Fixing the Farm House  2012  Carpenters and cleaners traveled from Victoria to help.

             Around Tioga Town 2012  Some things are only found in Tioga, North Dakota.


  Shuttled at the Shore 2012  An outgoing outdoor gathering during a Wimpy Winter.

  The Babies at the Park 2012  Sophie and Mia love our early, early spring.

  Biking With Grandma Sue 2012  A tradition carried on with Addie and Gunnar.

  At Home with Mom and Dad 2012  All seven of us kids at home on the farm with Mom and Dad

  Park and Ride with Sophia and Mia  2012  The park is nearby and the ride was double decker.

  End of an Era 2012  Wayzata City Manager Al Orsen retires after 35 years with the city.

  Cool Camera Day 2012  A cool but wonderful day in the park with Sophie and Mia.

  At the Firepit 2012  May was a good month for roasting marshmallows with friends and family.

  Lake Auburn Campground 2012  A park pretty as a picture in Victoria.

  Warm Camera Day 2012  A warm and wonderful day in the park with Sophie and Mia.

  Happy 65th, Mom and Dad 2012  A big wedding anniversary for my parents.

  Lake Minnetonka Regional Park 2012  Exploring a neighborhood park with Jenny and her kids.

  Hanging Out before Heading Out 2012  And that includes biking with Jenny her and kids to the DQ.

  Fun at Floyd’s 2012  Invited to downtown Victoria by celebrity bartenders.

  Flags and Flowers 2012  Seeing the spirit of a town without using too many words.

  Thank You, Fred Plocher 2012  Fred receives honor and recognition for putting Victoria on the map.

  Victoria’s Lifeline 2012  It’s about Highway 5 detours this summer, both coming and going.



               Tioga Work and Play 2012  Visiting Jenny and family for both work and play.

               Tioga Work and Play Continued 2012  A pack-filled wonderful time out west.


  Sophie and the Scooter 2012  Discovering a scooter and becoming a pro at the age of 3.



             Iceland and the Blue Lagoon  2012  A fresh hot shower comes from below instead of above.

             Bergen-Our First Taste of Norway 2012  Two full days of sun in this city of rain.

             Driving the Mountains of Norway 2012  Through mountains, ferries, and around waterfalls.

             Visiting with the Viks 2012  With Per Inge and Karin Vik in their home in Skodje, Norway.

             Allan’s Family at Isfjorden 2012  The original home of Ole L. Orsen and meeting the relatives.

             Amazing Fjords-Highest Mountains 2012  Exclaiming WOW at every turn, at every height.

             Sue’s Family at Tyinholmen 2012  The hotel and resort on Lake Tyin started by Opdahls.

             Onward to Oslo 2012  A city of distinguishing art and architecture, both historic and modern.

             Seaport and Scenery in Stockholm 2012  Colorful, comfortable, and Very Vasa!

             The Crown of Copenhagen 2012  Culminating our Nordic journey in a crowning way.

             Flying High Home 2012  A grande finale:  Visiting Greenland from on high.


  Boating with Addie and Gunnar 2012  While Jenny shops with her girlfriends.

  Victoria’s Lifeline-July 2012  The continuing summer saga of Hwy 5 road construction in Victoria.

  A Beauty From All Sides 2012  Introducing Victoria’s brand new fire engine.



             Victoria’s Lifeline at the Sink Hole 2012  The sink hole rises!

             Victoria’s Lifeline at the Bridge 2012  The bridge is built!

             Victoria’s Lifeline Along the Way 2012  Nearly five miles of improved highway.


  Playing All Together 2012  A blue sky day with kids and grandkids at the Lake Minnetonka Park.

  Victoria Volksfest 2012  Many attractions leading up to an evening of fabulous fireworks.

  St. Victoria’s Got Talent 2012  There’s no business like show business.



             At Victoria and the Mall of America 2012  Dinner at our home and also at the Rain Forest.

             At Minneota 2012  Dinner at Vincent and Judy Bot’s home with many cousins.

             At Ghent 2012  Dinner at Mom and Dad’s home and a walk through the St. Eloi Cemetery.

             At the MN Landscape Arboretum 2012  The gardener and the goodbye.


  Mostly Norwegian 2012  About half of them are cousins.

  Firefighters Feed and InForm 2012  Sparky on a cold and windy Saturday.

  Senior Expo with Don Shelby 2012  Why do Senior Citizens cross the road?

  Happy Birthday, Sophie 2012  Little Sophie Orsen was four years old on October 30th.

  Bewitched in Downtown Victoria 2012  A time for costumes, games, and lots of kids.

  Thanksgiving Day 2012  The kids and grandkids at Grandma Sue’s.

  Thanksgiving Weekend 2012  Mom and Dad join us for Nick’s 40th Birthday Party.

  Advent Among Us 2012  Ushering in the season at St. Victoria.

  Christmas Downtown Victoria 2012  Santa arrives in a Fire Truck.

  Merry Christmas, Columnists 2012  Those who graced the Gazette in 2012.

  We Followed Our Noses 2012  To the Lutefisk Feed at Mount Olivet.

  Our Christmas Choir Concert 2012  And the annual party at the editor’s home.

  Photos from Nick 2012  Our son’s family photos.

  Merry Christmas 2012  Our children and their children together for Christmas.



             Tioga Birthday 2013  Addie grows into double digits.

             Tioga Work 2013  Chris and Allan produce a lovely new bathroom.

             Tioga Play 2013  Some of us played during the day and also at night.


  Nick and His Little Ones 2013  A few hours of squeezing for Grandma Sue.

  An Amazing Midwinter Moment 2013  A two-pound northern at the Victoria Fishing Contest.

  Annual Auto Show 2013  America’s love affair with the automobile is strong as ever.

  Happy Birthday, Papa 2013  A little time at the farm and KB’s in Ghent for Dad’s birthday.

  New Radisson Blu at MOA 2013  Connected by a sky bridge to the Mall of America.



             Marco One 2013  The palm trees and the sandy beach.

             Marco Two 2013  The airboat and the alligator. 

             Marco Three 2013  The mackerel and the shark

             Marco Four 2013  The ocean waves and the setting sun.


  Happy Easter 2013  Nick and family come for turkey and ham dinner.

  April’s Snowfall 2013  Never before an April like this in Minnesota.

  Allan Orsen Public Works Facility 2013  Yet one more honor for Allan from the City of Wayzata.

  The Cowboy’s Time 2013  An annual event, a spring thing, and birthday parties.

  Turkey Hunt 2013  In the spirit of camping and camaraderie.

  Choir at Charoke 2013  Our annual spring choir party is always fun-filled with karaoke.

  Mother’s Day 2013  Back home in Ghent for a picture-taking day on the deck.

  Discover Victoria Day 2013  Rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon.

  Happy Birthday, Mia  2013  Our littlest grandchild is now three years old.



             From Ghent to Tioga 2013  Picking up Mom and Dad and heading west.

             Gunnar’s First Communion 2013  A special day for Gunnar with four generations at his side.

             Hanging Out Together in Tioga 2013  Opening presents, seeing the countryside, playing games.


  A Visit for Father’s Day 2013  Nick and his little ones spend much of the day with us in Victoria.

  Happy 60th, Jim and Julie 2013  My aunt and uncle celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

  Two Victoria Facilities 2013  Hoping to replace City Hall and Public Works building.

  Victoria Fire Celebrates 2013  The Victoria Fire Department celebrated its 100-year anniversary.

  Summer Fun in Victoria 2013  From Classic Cars to Concerts in the Park to the Lions Weekend.

  Watching the Waterkids 2013  Addie, Gunnar, Sophie, and Mia are little waterkids.

  Sharlene’s Funeral Luncheon 2013  A few pictures after my Aunt Sharlene’s funeral.

  Julianne’s 80th Birthday Party 2013  My friend turned 80 on August 11th.

  Carver County Fair 2013  Hitting the high spots at the fair in Waconia.

  Wunderbar Volksfest 2013 Rubbing shoulders, folding arms, extending hands.

  Mollie B at Stiftungsfest 2013  The Super Star visited Norwood Young America

  Picture Perfect 2013  Every picture became a perfect pose for Grandma Sue.

  Various Victoria 2013  Editor Sue pops up at various times in various Victoria places.

  Minnetonka Menagerie 2013  A menagerie of summer’s moments on Lake Minnetonka.

  Farmer’s Market in Tioga 2013  Harvesting garden produce in North Dakota.

  Spirited Time in Victoria 2013  Spirits were high, winds low, temps moderate for Halloween.

  Sophie is Five 2013  Wasn’t it only yesterday she learned to crawl and climb, then walk and run?

  Thanksgiving Day 2013  All our family all together for a wonderfully delicious day.

  Merry Christmas Columnists 2013  Putting faces with names and words, especially at Christmas time.

  Christmas in Downtown Victoria 2013  And in the middle of a very deep Deep Freeze.

  Winter Time Pool Time 2013  Turning Sophie and Mia into brave little fish.

  Christmas at Mom and Dad’s 2013  Where Mom and Dad have lived since 1947.

  Christmas at Our House 2013  Opening presents with our kids and grandkids.

  New Year’s Eve 2013  Celebrating once again with our travel friends.

  A Funeral and a Fire Alarm 2014  Deep Freeze interrupts funeral and baptizes old St. Victoria.

  At Charlie’s Wedding Dance 2014   A dinner party and dance at the St. Paul Hotel.

  Hanging Out at the Hall 2014  The Hall hosts an Open House, Lions Dinner, Planning Commission.

  Fishing Family of Fourteen 2014  Like fish, they spent time in school together in the middle of a lake.

  Nick and Family 2014  Squeezing Sophie and Mia before we left for Tioga.



             The Oil Patch Part One:  Arriving by Amtrak/Valentine’s Day/Gymnastics at Williston,

             The Oil Patch Part Two:  Touring Around Tioga/Leaning About the Explosion.

             The Oil Patch Part Three:  Back to School for Addie and Gunnar/The Ice House.


  Big Snow in Victoria 2014  Ten thick inches fell Thursday evening, February 20th.

  Happy 89th Birthday, Dad 2014  Driving home to the farm for Dad’s birthday and Mom’s dinner.


  THE SOUL OF THE SOUTH 2014  In Georgia and South Carolina

             Our First Taste of Savannah  Wet Willies on the River Front and a Trolley Tour of the City.

             Strolling Savannah On Our Own  Joe’s Crab Shack, Thomas Kincaide, and Paula Deen.

             A Couple Days in Charleston  Fort Sumter, Horse and Carriage Tour, Boone Hall Plantation.

             Revisiting Stone Mountain  A Skyride to the Top, the Carillon, the Flight Back to Minnesota.


  Lions Spring Fling 2014  The resounding success of this “1st annual” bodes well for future flings.

  Happy 60th Cowboy Tom 2014  Happy trails to someone who will be forever young.

  An Easter Hunting Holiday 2014  The kids are home for Easter and Hunting and other adventures.

  Mia’s 4th Birthday 2014  A party on May 9th at the Elk River Water Park.

  Discover Victoria Day 2014  One of our first and few beautiful spring days this year.

  Johnson Home Down 2014  First Victoria home on Main Street was last home on Main Street.

  Public Works Groundbreaking 2014  At the treed location on Bavaria Road in Victoria.

  City Hall-Library Groundbreaking 2014  On the shores of Stieger Lake in downtown Victoria.

  Outdoor Fun in Victoria 2014  Classic Cars, Concert, ENKI Brewing Anniversary, Bike Konnect.

  Spring Choir Party 2014  Doug and Ellen host a bunch of us at their home in Savanna Valley.

  Tater Daze on Father’s Day 2014  A carnival only a couple blocks from Nick’s in Brooklyn Park.

  High Water in Victoria 2014  Record rainfall and docks underwater on city lakes.

  Playing with Sophie and Mia 2014  Grandma Sue’s littlest dollies come to visit.

  Taste of Minnesota 2014  It landed in Waconia on the Fourth of July and so did we.

  Elvis and Classic Cars in Victoria 2014  Biggest Wednesday evening in downtown Victoria.

  Garden Crawl at Deer Run 2014  Visiting three host couples and their lovely landscape gardens.

  Big Basswood Down 2014  It was 95 feet high, the tallest tree in our yard.

  Splitting Wood with Nick 2014  A good son helps his papa on a hot and humid Saturday in July.

  We’ll Miss You, Holly Kreft 2014  A favorite city employees resigns after eight years in Victoria.

  The Lakeside Building 2014  The newest construction in downtown Victoria, from start to finish.

  Renaissance Festival in Shakopee 2014  Exclusive preview party and wonderful evening of festivities.

  Lake Minnetonka Regional Park 2014  My highlight, our children and grandchildren together.

  Valleyfair in Shakopee 2014  Thriller roller coasters and a tour of Dinosaur Park.

  Volksfest in Victoria 2014  Under the tent and under the sun during this annual downtown event.

  New Businesses in Victoria 2014  Three of them, and they all opened their doors in August.

  The Gannon Building and Classic Car Night 2014  Doors opened to the public for the very first time.

  Sunset Fest and Stiftungsfest 2014  Father Bob’s 40th and the music of Mollie B.

  Nancy’s New Kitchen 2014  A beautiful renovation of my sister’s home near Ghent.

  Soccer Babies 2014  A gorgeous Sunday afternoon watching Sophie and Mia play soccer.

  Final 2014 Classic Car Night 2014  These popular events in downtown Victoria came to year-end.

  Boating Babies 2014  Sophia and Mia learn that seagulls like popcorn and ducks like French fries.

  Falling for Fall Color 2014  One of the best years for fall color at our home in Victoria.

  VFD Treating the Community 2014  A chill in the air but sun shined on their Open House.

  Princess Sophia is Six 2014  A squeezable huggable little princess is getting bigger.

  Halloween in Victoria with the Orsens 2014  Afternoon in downtown Victoria with Nick and family.

  Traveling Around Victoria 2014  From one parking lot to another, Victoria people everywhere.

  Thanksgiving Day 2014  Four generations at our home in Victoria, celebrating Thanksgiving.

  Merry Christmas Columnists 2014  A wonderful array of writers and readers, all above average.

  Ready for Christmas 2014  Our home and our yard are ready for Christmas.

  Christmas Occasions 2014  Lutefisk, Downtown Victoria, Robert Robinson Concert, Choir Party.

  Winter Wanderings 2014  A few snow scenes around Victoria.

  Merry Christmas 2014  A wonderful day with our children and grandchildren.

  After Christmas 2014  Bowling, shoveling snow, New Year’s Eve friends.

  New City Hall Almost Ready 2015  A tour before city staff, files, desks, computers move in.

  New Public Works Building 2015  Spacious, safe, clean, uncluttered, and warm.

  Ice Fishing on Lake Sakakawea 2015  Overnight in a fish house.

  Addie is Twelve 2015  One birthday after the other and now the candles number twelve.

  Ice Fishing on Stieger Lake 2015  A couple hours on the ice in a little corner of Victoria.

  City Hall Ribbon Cutting 2015  It occurred in the City of Victoria’s Centennial Year.

  Chronicling the Birth of the New City Hall 2015  The umbilical cord was cut early in 2015.

  Family and Friends in February 2015  Warm wonderful hearts in the midst of a long cold winter.



             At the Party 2015  A 90th birthday party at the Ghent ballroom for my dad, Joe Claeys.

             At the Pool 2015  A night at the AmericInn in Marshall after the birthday party.

             At the Farm 2015  Sunday dinner with Mom and Dad and my kids and grandchildren.


  A Tea Party for Maureen Bonner 2015  Founder of Waterbrooke Fellowship to leave Victoria.

  Inside the Victoria Library 2015  Colorful spaces, smiling faces, unlimited resources.

  Lions Spring Fling 2015  A lovely May Day Friday under the Big Top in Lions Park.

  Victoria’s Market Opens 2015  It opened with a splash from Father Bob White.

  Happy Birthday Mia 2015  Turning 5 on Mother’s Day Weekend.

  Lions Last Supper at the Hall 2015  After 50 years, a tradition at the Hall comes to an end.

  J. Carver Distillery 2015  There are spirits in this place that can’t be bottled.

  A Singing Party 2015  The choir and karaoke are a winning combination.

  More Places and People 2015  Some months get more miles than others.

  A Four Day Weekend 2015  At home in Victoria, the center of my universe.

  Union Depot in St. Paul 2015  A new destination for that train from Tioga.

  At the Farm for Father’s Day 2015  Trapping a nuisance raccoon.

  Tater Daze on Father’s Day 2015  Kids and grandkids and shish kabobs on the grill.

  Victoria is a Destination 2015  Classic Car and Concert Nights bring hundreds to Victoria.

  A Final Peek Inside the Village Hall 2015  The old gym floor comes out from hiding.

  Double Downtown Demolition 2015

             A final walk through the old city buildings with a sledgehammer. T

             The former Fire Hall/City Office building goes first.

             The “big room” of the Village Hall goes next

  A Piece of Lions Weekend 2015  Beautiful location and beautiful weather at Lions Park in Victoria.



             On Lake Sakakawea 2015  A daytime adventure and a nighttime adventure.

             At Home on the Farm 2015  Cooking, working, and playing with the Norgaards.


  Classic Cars Continue 2015  More walking, talking and looking at classic cars in downtown Victoria.

  Victoria Volksfest 2015  It comes in the heat of the night and goes in a flash of fireworks.

  At the Renaissance Festival 2015  An exclusive preview party for Editor Sue and guests.

  Sophie and Mia 2015  Grandma Sue loves to take their pictures when they come to visit.



             An Extreme 4x4 Mountain Ride 2015  Amazing adventure at the top of the world near Moab.

             Stunning Scenery at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks 2015  Red rugged mountains.

             Trail Ride at Bryce National Park 2015  Torturous, painful, and not recommended.

             Zion National Park and the Hoover Dam 2015  Where smart engineers built roads and bridges.


  Two Victoria Open Houses 2015  Thank you, City of Victoria and Victoria Fire Department.

  Centennial Flag and Bandstand 2015  There’s always activity in downtown Victoria.

  Family Photo Ops 2015  From little ones to big ones and some in between.

  Sunny Halloween Party 2015 The rain stopped and the sun came out for a great downtown gathering.

  Happy 7th Birthday, Sophie 2015  A birthday party after school on Friday, October 30th.

  Oh, Deer! 2015  They can’t stay away from fresh green salads in the Orsen yard.

  O Tannenbaum 2015  Victoria’s Official Christmas Tree is a 22-foot Norway Spruce.

  Happy Thanksgiving 2015  A delicious turkey dinner for our children and grandchildren.

  First Snow of the Season 2015  Our front yard is a sledding hill for the grandchildren.

  Mom and Dad Arrive 2015  We played Dominoes, and Spoons, and The Piano.

  Christmas in Victoria 2015  Downtown comes alive as the season draws near.

  Father Bernardine is100  Visiting our friend in St. Louis, Missouri, for his birthday.

  Lions Project at St. Victoria 2015  Fixing up Elstan Hall in time for Lions Christmas Party.

  Time Capsule Sealed 2015  Putting a cap on the City of Victoria’s Centennial Year.

  Choir Christmas Party 2015  The annual gathering has always been hosted at our home.

  Choir Memories 2015  Looking back 34 years to my beginning with the choir.

  Merry Christmas 2015  My favorite time of the year, at our home with our family.

  Happy Birthday, Mom 2016  We drove to the farm for my mother’s 89th birthday.



             Jenny’s Master Bath Project 2016  The fancy modern tile completes this renovation.

             Happy 13th Birthday, Addie 2016  Our little godchild is now 13 and we celebrated all around.


  Little Ones on the Lake 2016  Victoria’s annual fishing contest attracts people big and little.

  Dinner with Choir Friends 2016  Food, fun, and flowers at the Victoria House.

  Happy 91st, Dad 2016  Mom makes a roast beef dinner and angel food birthday cake.

  Porta Sancta 2016  It’s Latin for Holy Door and is significant in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

  A Reunion with Baby Nora 2016  An unexpected delivery of a baby girl at the Victoria Fire Station.

  Lions First Fish Fry 2016  A lot of work but a large crowd, good fundraiser, and delicious meal.

  Victoria Pastors at Eastertide 2016  Visiting the five churches and pastors in the City of Victoria.

  Hedtke Home Down 2016  A 100-year old Victoria home gives up the ghost.

  Enki Groundbreaking 2016  Victoria brewery prepares to move from the Old Creamery.

  Victoria Sculpture Arrives 2016  The theme is “Victoria: City of Lake and Parks.”



             From Victoria to St. Louis 2016  Seeing Willie Nelson and Father Bernardine.

             From St. Louis to Nashville 2016  Hearing Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, et. al.

             From Nashville to Hanceville 2016  Visiting the home of Mother Angelica and her sisters.

             From Shrine to Temple Grounds 2016  Discovering sites and shops around the corner.

             From Hanceville to Birmingham 2016  Finding stars and the EWTN Studio.

             From Birmingham to Memphis 2016  Touring Elvis’ Mansion and Meditation Garden.


  The Little Orsens in Springtime 2016  Spending time with Sophie and Mia.

  Purple Paraphernalia for Prince 2016  Just east of Victoria, along Hwy 5 in Chanhassen.

  Discover Victoria Day 2016  The highlight of this day is the Party Pizza.

  Introducing the Bandstand 2016  An undertaking of Former Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun.

  In Memory of Lexi Kretsch 2016  A boulder and bronze plaque at the Victoria Rec Center.

  June’s Class Car and Concert Nights 2016  And the summer has only just begun.

  Kids and Grandkids Together Here 2016  Mainly at the Mall of America.

  Colorful Classic Cars 2016  Moving in to line downtown Victoria streets.

  Barry and Elvis and Steve 2016  Leaders of July concerts in the park.

  Big Victoria Checks 2016  Contributing to the annual Volksfest .

  Chaska Backlights 2016  At Firemen’s Park and the Clayhole Swim Beach.

  With My Kids and Grandkids 2016  In Victoria and other places too.

  Visiting Veggies in Minneapolis 2016  Strange vegetables we’ve never tried or tasted.

  Birthday Gathering for JW 2016  Age hardly matters but birthdays always matter.

  Animals at the Carver County Fair 2016  All are friendly except the cows and the horses.

  The AuGUST Days of AUgust 2016  Classic Car Nights in Victoria fill the streets.

  Battle of the Barge 2016  Docking the 7-ton barge for fireworks that didn’t happen.

  With Peter Moe at the Arboretum 2016  Touring with the new Arboretum Director.

  Final 2016 Classic Car Nights 2016  Wheeling’ around the streets of Victoria.

  Guess Who Came to Dinner 2016  A potpourri of people and a trinity of sorts.



             Train to Tioga 2016  Amtrak is part of the adventure when we head out west.

             Tioga on Parade 2016  This small North Dakota town has several big events.

             Boating at Tioga 2016  A beautiful 80 degree day on Lake Sakakawea.


  More Energy for Victoria 2016  On taller Xcel Energy poles and also underground.

  Our Kids and Grandkids 2016  Celebrating Sophie’s 8th birthday a little early.

  Victoria’s Hallowed Halloween 2016  Rainy outside but warm and fun in the Rec Center.

  Lions 50th Anniversary 2016  The Victoria Lions celebrate and continue to serve.

  Wildlife in Our Yard 2016  Deer, of course, but when did you last see a coyote up close?

  Groundbreaking of Victoria Flats 2016  More shovels than photos.

  Happy Thanksgiving 2016  Another turkey feast with our kids and grandkids.

  Lutefisk in Granite Falls 2016  At Prairie’s Edge Casino with Mom and Dad.

  Merry Christmas Columnists 2016  Those who help make the Gazette a fun newspaper.

  Thank You, Mayor O’Connor and Lani Basa 2016  An Open House Reception in their honor.

  Backyard Eatery and Exercise 2016  It’s all about squirrels and corncobs on a rope.

  Every Day a Holiday 2016  People who bring joy into our lives.

  Merry Christmas 2016  At home with our wonderful children and grandchildren.

  Happy 90th, Mama 2017  Celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday on January 16th.

  The Stage at Stieger Lake 2017  All the world’s a stage, and fishermen are merely players.

  Tiling in Tioga 2017  Work and play at the home our daughter Jenny.

  Happy 92nd Birthday, Papa 2017  It’s always good to be at home with my parents.

  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 2017  A St. Pat’s Party with the O’Neill’s in Victoria.

  At Nick’s for Dinner 2017  And cuddling with Sophie and Mia.



             Part One 2017  From the kitchen to the loft and Christmas memories and farm aerial photos.

             Part Two 2017  From the piano room to the cap collection and the clowns and working in the field.

             Part Three 2017  From dining-in to dining-out and dancing and goodbye hugs all around.


  At Victoria With Jenny 2017  Celebrating Allan’s birthday and Easter with the Norgaards.

  Lions Spring Fling 2017  Vending in Victoria for the Lions and their annual event.

  Sophie’s First Communion 2017  A special day for a special little granddaughter.

  Mother’s Day at Nancy’s 2017  And then a drive out in the country to see the farming.

  Mom and Dad’s 70th 2017  A big gathering in Ghent for the occasion.

  In Memory of Randy Miller 2017  A photo display of Randy’s ten years in Victoria.

  Various Victoria Moments 2017  Hello’s, goodbye’s, and thank you’s.

  The Crane Domain 2017  Big construction continues in this little City of Victoria.

  A New Season of Classic Cars 2017  Many people to meet and greet on the streets of Victoria.

  Red Shirts in the Sunset 2017  The Minnesota Valley Community Band is a favorite in Victoria.

  The Excelsior Commons 2017  A large piece of Lake Minnetonka shoreline for the public.

  The Arboretum’s Bee Center 2017  Finding bee hives, bee movies, bee music, bee paraphernalia.

  Fort Snelling on the Fourth 2017  Celebrating our nation’s 241st birthday, only a half hour from home.

  Minnehaha Falls 2017  From Lake Minnetonka into Minnehaha Creek, to the Falls, and the Mississippi.

  Wednesday Evening in Victoria 2017  Visiting Victoria businesses, classic cars, and a concert in the park.

  Victoria Lions Weekend 2017  Lions coupled with the community for their 48th tournament weekend.

  A Family Potpourri 2017  Receiving photos of my parents and grandchildren.

  The Mississippi and the Gardens at St. Cloud 2017  An impressive display of plants and fountains.

  The Mississippi and the Falls at St. Anthony 2017  Sightseeing before catching a train at Union Depot.

  The MN Renaissance Festival 2017  A medieval evening with modern friends.

  Victoria Fine Art Fair 2017  A lovely day at Bayfront Plaza on Stieger Lake and Stieger Lake Lane.

  Carver County Fair 2017  Finding Machinery Hill and familiar faces at the local fair in Waconia.

  Red Moose Coffee Hus 2017  A new business venture and family fun in Tioga.

  Lions Shelter Down 2017  The groundbreaking demolition in Victoria happened in less than a day.

  Sunset Fest 2017  St. Victoria celebrates 160 years with special guest Archbishop Bernard Hebda.

  Nickle Dickle and Apple Day 2017  Community events in Waconia and Excelsior.

  Ridgeview at Enki 2017  Ridgeview Medical Center partners with Enki Brewing .

  Last Classic Car Night 2017  And also the last day of summer.

  The Blessing House 2017  With Gail Berger and the home on Lake Wassermann.

  Regarding Dentistry 2017  Open house at a fancy new dental office.

  Victoria’s New Postmaster 2017  A reception and oath of office for Karla Bogucki.

  With Mom and Dad 2017  All seven us kids in Marshall with Mom and Dad.

  Walking Play at the Arboretum 2017  A beautiful evening with Jim and Nan Emmer.

  Open House at the Fire Station 2017  Victoria firefighters treat the community once again.

  Congratulations, Tom Abts 2017  Named 2017 Minnesota PGA Golf Pro of the Year.

  Fall Festival with Nick and Family 2017  Including Minnesota’s largest corn maze in Brooklyn Park.

  Lions Pavilion Underground Work 2017  After demolition, waterline installed and foundation installed.

  Lions Pavilion Walls and Trusses 2017  Walls and trusses go up and building gets shingled.

  Thanksgiving 2017  Our kids and grandkids arrive for turkey dinner.

  Happy 100th, Ethel Ausink 2017  A portion of those 100 years were spent in Victoria.

  Around Victoria City Hall 2017  An active place both inside and across the street.

  Christmas in Downtown Victoria 2017  Santa, Singers, and Sleigh Rides.

  Christmas at Sovereign Winery 2017  Acres of lights and displays near Victoria.

  Christmas at Good Sam’s 2017  A musical rendezvous courtesy of St. Victoria.

  Christmas with Parents and Friends 2017  Memories gathered around the table.

  A Tiny Glimpse of New in Victoria 2017  And a short ride around town for the New Year.

  Christmas With Our Kids 2017  There’s nothing better in the whole wide world.






  Night Lights 2018  Our winter yard in the evening, just before dark sets in.

  Mom’s 91st Birthday 2018  We were at Mom and Dad’s on January 16th.

  City of Snow and Ice 2018  Victoria is not just a City of Lakes and Parks.