Preschool and Childcare in Victoria. 

Call 952-443-2121.

Carver County Environmental Services


Laser and Electrolysis

Chanhassen  952-474-7474

Holy Family Catholic High School

Victoria * 952-443-4659

To the Editor:

         We always enjoy reading the Gazette and learning about what our Victoria kiddos are up to.  Thank you so much for the work that you do for our community.

         Sybil Druce

         Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

         We would like to thank our family and friends who made Mom's funeral so beautiful.  Also a big thank you to the Johnson Funeral Home, Jamie Moore and Sue Orsen, Father Bob, the lunch committee, and everyone who donated salads and  bars.  Also thank you to Auburn Homes in Chaska for such wonderful care for Mom.

         Thank you.

         Katherine Vanderlinde Family


To the Editor:

         Hi, Sue.  Just got the August issue today.  I look forward to reading your paper each month, also the crossword puzzles.  Your editorial in the June paper was so to the point.  I agree with Doug L. from Shakopee.  "Bravo!"  It's amazing how the liberals get by with so much garbage.  Ethel Ausink was always right on.  She is a true patriot.  I miss her column. 

         The fishhook is on page 26 on the pig being roasted in "The Meat of the Matter" for the Gazette.

         Gerene E. Kee

         Minnetonka, Minnesota


To the Editor:

         Hi, Sue.  Thanks for the $10.  I'm going to get a bottle of wine and you're invited to share a glass sometime.  I love looking for the fishhook.  Can't find the August one yet.  Take care.

         Isabel Kroening

         Chaska, Minnesota


To the Editor:

         I got a good stash of cards on my birthday.  Some were people that know my mom -- Marcy Jaspers, Marlene Paal, Ruth  Pass, three of my aunts, Franny Schmieg and sister Mary Ann and Ethel Schneider, and classmate from high school Jill Moore  Kunze.  We have our 30th high school reunion August 10th at Cuzzy's in Chaska.  I even got a card from Kathy Kraemer and her family.  That's 25 years ago when her three boys crawled in Missy's doghouse thinking it was a cool fort.  I also got a card signed by the grannies here in Talheim and a bunch of grannies came by me and sang Happy Birthday. 

         My birthday was Wednesday, July 24th, and on Saturday, July 27th, I was at River City Days.  Most of the family showed up and it wasn't the least bit warm.  People were having cold drinks -- pop, beer, smoothies, snow cones -- and I didn't want a cold drink.  I wanted a hot chocolate.  I had a winter coat with a hood and I was still a frozen chicken.  All that cold air makes the arthritis bad to the bone.  A hamburger and a bag of popcorn didn't warm my hands or myself.  It was starting to rain at 7:30 and some craft booths were clearing out.  People running the craft booths were no doubt getting chilled too.  For being 70 degrees, it felt like 30 degrees.  There was a sharp cold wind and dreary sky.  I put on the electric blanket when I got back to my apartment.  I had goosebumps I was so cold.  I had my hot chocolate, sat in the recliner, and curled up in the electric blanket.  My arthritis soreness lingered three days.  It's tough getting old, even at 48.

         The fishhook was on page 26 on the pig's butt.  Way to go, Izzy Kroening, on finding the fishhook and winning for the June hook in the Gazette.

         Kay Meuwissen

         Chaska, Minnesota


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Drs. Dungey, Menser & Associates

Victoria and Waconia.  952-443-2816

Specialized assisted living for those

with memory challenges. 

Victoria.  952-908-2215

Island View Dining

Waconia.  952-442-2956


St. Bonifacius

Mount Olivet Church-West Campus

Victoria  952-474-1148

St. Victoria Catholic Church

Victoria  *  952-443-2661

Guardian Angels Catholic Church

Chaska  *  952-448-4100


Funeral Home & Cremation Services


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