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         Said Parks and Rec Director Ann Mahnke at the September 10th meeting of the Victoria City Council, "I have invited Mr. Mike Poppitz, who is not only the wonderful volunteer we have for the Parks and Rec Department, but also the coach of the Victoria Vics.

         "This year the Vics won the Minnesota State Baseball Association State Tournament Class B Championship by defeating a very strong Cold Springs team.  The Vics actually had to win two games to win the championship," said Ann.

         She continued, "With that, Mike proudly brought in last week their trophy from the tournament.  So I wanted to bring him up this evening and allow him to say a few words.  I wanted to congratulate him and his team and all the hard work he put in for the City of Victoria."

         Said Mike as he offered Mayor Mary Thun a plaque in remembrance of the championship for display somewhere at City Hall, "We won five games in four days.  Maybe you could put this up someplace here, like in the ladies' bathroom."

         At the podium, Mike continued, "I would just like to say, for myself and the team, we really appreciate everything the City of Victoria has done for us over the years.  What we have accomplished the last five to six years at the ballpark is astronomical. 

         "The comments we get from the different teams that come in ... I don't know if you guys ever get a chance to hear those comments ... People are so amazed at the facilities you have to offer, not just at the baseball level, but at the youth level.  And when the soccer fields get up and running, I'm sure it'll be the same thing with them, too," he said.

         "Pride is a pretty big thing," Mike added.  "And there's a lot of pride in what you are presenting.  There's never an end to how much you can get done.  And I've got a lot of pride in the baseball field, so I just keep bangin' up there.  Thank you again for everything.  Hopefully we'll see you again next year and we'll go from there."

         Said Mayor Thun, "Mike, we want to thank you.  When I heard that you had won and that you were going to be here tonight, and I saw information about the games ... This is your first-ever State title, right?"

         "Right," said Mike.

         Continued Mayor Thun who quoted from an article from the Minnesota Baseball Association, "A lot of the credit goes to Mike Poppitz for sticking it out through some tough years in Victoria.  He assembled a championship caliber team that hopes to remain competitive for a few more years to come along, adding youth.  And Poppitz said, 'I see the squad sticking around.'"

         Mayor Thun added, "Mike, not only have you brought the State Championship to Victoria, but you yourself, yourself, and yourself, and I'm sure you had help, have done so much for the ballparks here in Victoria.  It's really a testament.

         "A couple of years ago the City of Victoria named one of the ballfields after you and we were happy to do that.  We can't even begin to thank you for everything you have done.  It's truly, truly amazing.

         "It's citizens like you that make this city so special.  You are chief member of Victoria.  So thank you very, very much for everything that you have done.  And also thank you to your incredible team.  I had a chance to meet them over the July 4th game with Chanhassen.  Your whole team, everyone of them, is very wonderful -- the young and the little older men.  You've assembled a great bunch of people to represent Victoria."

         Said Mike, "I kind of have a format of the guys on the team.  They are all competitive and dedicated to the game and help out each other.  When February and March come along, they're at the Recreation Center working with the little guys.  Those are special kind of people ... just guys down to earth, no prima donas, just great guys.  You get 20 to 25 of them together and they can do a lot."

         Mayor Thun asked Mike to come and shake each of the councilmembers' hands.  "We only ask special people to do that," she said.  "Let us know where that trophy ends up so we can come see it."


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October 2012

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