I suspect there are fishermen out there  looking forward to ice-over on area lakes.  I prefer the lakes blue and wet and warm, but I've noticed that in my family, real fishing only occurs during the winter months, on the ice, and it's part of hanging out together for overnights on Lake Sakakawea.  The fish don't seem to bite so much for them in the summer, and then it's a bigger chore to clean two fish than twenty fish so the two get thrown back into the lake.

         It's not a big chore for me to hide the fishhook in the Gazette every month.  As a matter of fact, it's about the easiest thing in life that I have to do.  And it's close to the last thing I do before I put this baby to bed.  That's why I'm so free to ramble in these few paragraphs.  Pressure is off.  Paper is done. 

         When I dipped into the minnow bucket, I pulled out Richard Bovy of Victoria to win the $10 prize.  He found it on the shoulder of the Elvis scarecrow on page 26 of the October paper, in the Scarecrow Tour in Waconia ad.  Congratulations, Richard.

         Another fishhook is hidden in this issue of the Gazette.  If you find it and want to be included in this monthly drawing, email Sue@VictoriaGazette.com and tell of its location, or use P.O. Box 387 in Victoria, MN and sinker in the mail.

         Although fall has been with us for some time already, our good weather makes winter seem far away.  Hooray!

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