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To the Editor:

†††††††† Roses are red, Violets are blue.

†††††††† I found the fishhook, How do you do?

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† James Frey again, fisherman of the year.† It is on page 5 with the many beautiful Valentine hearts that Sophie drew, top row, second heart.† What a great drawer she is.† Happy Valentine's Day.† Thank you for the Victoria Gazette.† We appreciate you.

†††††††† James Frey, Victoria, Minnesota

EDITOR'S NOTE:† You're a sweetheart but you didn't find the hook.


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† I particularly enjoyed your reporting in the most recent February issue of the Gazette.† I have a request for you to update our listing in the Victoria Directory, since we're no longer in the Creamery.† Change it to "Visit our Tap Room on Stieger Lake Lane."† Thanks.

†††††††† John Hayes, Enki Co-Founder, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† We loved the "Hands and Gloves Off to Minnesota Snow" in the February issue of the Gazette.† If we get any snow this season or next, I might have to try that.† I found the fishhook in the GA ad for the beef and sausage dinner.

†††††††† Joyce Burau, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† You do a great job with the Gazette.

†††††††† Lion Jim Costello, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† The story about Ralph and Janet Olinger in the February paper was great.† Mrs. Olinger attends the Moravian Church of Lake Auburn fairly frequently and I chatted with her about your article last Sunday and she, too, was most pleased with your work about them.† The December Gazette had a photo showing the kids in the first three grades in the Victoria Public School in 1938.† The kid in the front row is not Harry Kowalke but, rather, Gibby Walter.† When I find time, I will update you on the other folks.

†††††††† Uncle Ron Holtmeier, Waconia, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Your recent February issue will be kept, as I do believe no paper did a better job than the Gazette on the Trump inauguration.†

†††††††† A loyal reader, Malcolm Macalpine, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† Hopefully you're enjoying some first peeks of spring with this warmer weather.† I wanted to introduce myself to you and pass along a copy of my new book, Murray the Mailmonkey. My name is Josh Merchant, and my family and I are proud, longtime Victoria residents.

†††††††† After many years in the software industry, I'm working on a second career in illustration and writing.† I recently launched Murray the Mailmonkey in December at the Chaska Curling Club, and I'm looking forward to being a featured Author/Illustrator during Victoria Elementary School's "I Love to Read Night" at the end of February to celebrate "I Love to Read Month."

†††††††† I appreciate all the effort you have put, and continue to put, into the Victoria Gazette.† The Gazette is an institution that truly fosters a sense of community that not only informs but also celebrates Victoria's current events as well as honors its rich history.† I hope you and your family and friends enjoy the book.

†††††††† Kind regards, Josh Merchant, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† I have been remiss in not contacting you to express condolences regarding the passing of your dear friend, Father Bernardine.† I know from your stories that he was a very good priest, a holy man of God.† It is strange that there are now no former living pastors of St. Victoria.

†††††††† Also, I read that the new regime in Victoria seems to have some sort of axe to grind regarding you and your (that's right, your) publication.† It seems a travesty that the former mayor was ousted.† Many of the residents with whom I am still familiar were in his corner.† But democracy still functions as does free speech.

†††††††† Cowboy Tom Stumpf, Waconia, Minnesota.



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