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The Stage at Stieger

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by Sue Orsen

†††††††† Before fish and family fun begins at the annual ice fishing contest in Victoria each February, the stage at Stieger Lake is set and ready to accommodate all visitors, thanks to the Victoria Fire Department.

†††††††† A thousand holes are drilled in the ice,† the weigh station is prepared for all catches of the afternoon, the food tent is equipped with roasters and servers and hot soup, raffle prizes are piled high to be given away, and portable potties are strategically arranged.† It's no small matter to set the stage at Stieger Lake.

†††††††† Firefighter Rick Leuthner commented that they didn't have to snowplow the lake this year because it wasn't blown over or blanketed with snow.† It saved the Department a lot of preliminary work.

†††††††† Victoria firefighters also arrange for parking near the lake, some along the entrance road and nearby lot, and they also provide transportation to the lake via trailers and school buses back and forth from downtown locations.† All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players.†

†††††††† Another stage is also set in family rooms around the country for the Super Bowl which is always later on the same day as Victoria's Fishing Contest.† Which came first?† This was the 30th Annual Fishing Contest and the 51st Annual Super Bowl.

†††††††† This year the stage at Stieger sported a sunny and warm 25 degrees with no wind.† It was perfect, in fact, on Sunday, February 5th, for visitors but not so good for fishing.† Only one big predator was caught, a northern that awarded Mike Mulheran of Victoria the power ice auger prize.

†††††††† Chief Andrew Heger estimated that 800 to 1,000 people were on stage at Stieger this year.† Thank you to the 34 Victoria firefighters who planned, prepared, and worked for this fun community event.



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March 2017