It's always telling to me who's telling me where they found the fishhook.  Most often they tell me correctly where it was hiding.  Only a few times do people tell me they saw it hiding where it wasn't. 

         I'm writing to tell you at this time something rather telling.  I'm telling you that Donna Tellers who lives on Tellers Road on the west edge of Victoria found the fishhook exactly where I hid it last month and she wrote to tell me about it.

         It was hooked on the leprechaun's hat in the Jerry Chapman ad on page 36 of the March issue of the Gazette.  Congratulations, Donna Tellers, and I'm telling everyone in Gazette Land that the $10 prize will be on its way to you shortly.  Don't tell me you heard about it on the tellerphone, because you heard about it right here in the Victoria Gazette.

         There's another fishhook hiding in this here issue of the Gazette.  If you find it and want to be part of the monthly drawing, email telling of its location or drop a line on real paper and sinker in the mail to P.O. Box 387, Victoria, MN 55386.  In the meantime, have you been noticing the telltale signs of spring?

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