Faith Gabriel of Victoria was the September winner of the August drawing.  I pulled her name out of the minnow bucket last month and failed to report it here.  Congratulations, little neighbor girl.  Just so others know, I've already sent Faith the $10 prize.

         And this month I pulled Carol Latzig of New Germany out of the minnow bucket of entries.  Carol found the fishhook that I hid in the September paper around the nostril of a horse that we had visited at the Carver County Fair!  Congratulations, Carol.  The $10 prize will be on its way to you shortly.

         Now you all get to look for the fishhook hidden in this October issue of the Gazette.  Seems there's always a perfect spot for it.  Hope you can find it.  If you do, and if you want to be part of this monthly drawing, simply email Sue@Victoria Gazette telling of its location, or drop a line to P.O. Box 387, Victoria, MN 55386 and sinker in the mail.  Happy autumnal colors to all.

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