THE SCANDINAVIAN MUSICAL FESTIVAL was held Saturday, September 9th, at the South Shelter of Lions Park in Victoria.  There were Nordic bands, dancers, musicians, choirs, foods, arts, crafts, silent auction, and the all important Lutefisk Toss Competition between the Norwegians and Swedes.  The two teams were evenly matched with the competition close and intense.  Thanks to Norwegian team captain Becky Ofstehage, who dropped the winning piece of fish into the bucket, their team won back the coveted trophy.  Each team scored a bonus point before The Toss by a team member or representative eating a piece of raw lutefisk.

         Pictured (l-r):  Becky Ofstehagen, Ross Hanson, Burt Johnson, Kurt Zuppke, Galen Tongen, John Ofstehage, Sephanie Smith, Steve Smith, and Keith Sjodin.

         Kurt Zuppke

         Laketown Townshp




the mythic telling of Emerson and Thoreau's mutual love affair with the natural world.  Grounded in the story of their friendship, this family-friendly production offers a perspective on their lives that is strikingly relevant, richly complex, yet utterly simple.  "Nature" is performed outdoors as a walking play at the Tashijan Bee and Pollinator Center at the MN Landscape Arboretum.

         A professional ensemble of actors takes the audience on a journey though the natural environment as scenes unfold around them.  Bagpipes, ancient flutes, drums, and rich choral arrangements are intricately woven into the experience.

         "Nature" is an extraordinary journey that co-mingles story, spirit, and nature, as a means to reconnect its audience with the natural world.  This original work is collaboratively created with Minneapolis writer/actor Tyson Forbes, a direct descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

         In today's world, we are estranged from our natural environment.  At TigerLion Arts, we feel that humankind must reconnect with nature in order to survive.  As oil spills into our oceans, as we race through our lives, as we look further and further outside ourselves for the answers, it is our hope that "Nature" can be a catalyst for our collective healing.

         Susie Hopper

         MN Landscape Arboretum

         Chanhassen, Minnesota


ALL KLEINBANK LOCATIONS participated in Community Impact Week September 18th to 22nd.  The Victoria branch of KleinBank chose to team up with our service center and other locations to support the very worthy cause, My Very Own Bed.  A very special thank you to the St. Victoria Catholic Church, who responded to our request to partner up on this collection effort. 

         Pictured (l-r): Sheree Sands (Senior Teller), Jackie Burford (Personal Banker), Joseph Lieser (Office Manager), Michele Kopp (Personal Banker), Kim Nohner (Teller), and Maranda Barney (Teller).

While our bank location collection was wonderful, the St. Victoria congregation participated very generously and filled the bin we provided with new linens, blankets, and pillows.  So a very special thanks to St. Victoria for helping us provide a good night's sleep to children in need.  Photo by Doris Schmieg.

         Joseph Lieser, KleinBank Branch Manager

         Victoria, Minnesota


►ANNUAL UPPER DEER RUN DRIVE BLOCK PARTY.  Our block got together this year to welcome brand new neighbors, the Ericksons, to our street on a beautiful first week of school night at Roger and Vicki Bont's backyard. 

         Left side of steps, front to back:  Linda Meschke (son Jake not pictured),  Heather and Anthony Vermuelen, Cory LeClere (Sarah and daughter Cora not pictured), Chelsea Erickson and baby Ava.  Center row, front to back:  Harry and Charlie LeClere, Vicki Bont, Donna Harris, Corey Erickson holding Lou.  Right side of steps, front to back:  Greg and Paula Notvedt (Cocoa not pictured),  Mary Ellen and Forrest Skeesick, Paul Meshke, Scott and Tracey Clark.  Those not pictured were present earlier!

         My husband Roger took the picture.  We did not have time to set up the tripod as we were losing light and little ones fast when a neighbor said, "Hey, aren't we going to pose for the Gazette?"  People like doing that.

         Vicki Bont

         Victoria, Minnesota



         They were born on Friday, September 1st, 2017.

         Rhett Thomas was born at 8:08 a.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz.  He was 20 inches long.

         Gwenna Kaye was born at 8:10 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 0 oz.  She was 18 inches long.

         Proud parents are Josh and Amy Weiss of Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

         Proud grandparents, holding the babies, are Tom and Patti Stumpf of Waconia, Minnesota.




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