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To the Editor:

†††††††† I just want to thank you personally for playing a significant role in getting our proposal to the Victoria City Council passed unanimously on September 11th.† My heart soars that we will be able to honor Randy's passion, dedication, and love for Victoria in such a public way.† It is my absolute honor to be part of this team on our crusade for Randy's memory.†

†††††††† Larisa Zeiszler, Memorial Task Force


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† We dodged Hurricane Irma.† We left our home on Saturday (September 9th) even though there was no mandatory evacuation at the time.† We didn't trust it.† Debris cleanup is what we have now.† Power is up.† Phone is up.† Even Cable TV!† Amazing.† I love Victoria and am very sad about the current chapter.† I hope things improve as soon as possible.

†††††††† Kim Roden, Former Victoria City Councilmember, Osprey, Florida


To the Editor:

†††††††† The front page and series of articles in the September Gazette, reporting on the political situation in the City of Victoria, was the most important news I had read that week.† It certainly is about a subject that affects most my husband and me and where we live.† The series clearly, and the writer without being intimidated, documented for the citizens the political events occurring in Victoria.

†††††††† My only question is, when do you, Sue, as the sole editor and publisher of a 40-page newspaper, find the time to also do full page photo-journalist reports on the urban Minneapolis Mississippi scene, the Carver County Fair, the Victoria Fine Art Fair, the Victoria Car Show, the Annual Sunset Fest, the demolition of the Lions Shelter, the Renaissance Festival, and get back in time to tell us about the former Touch of Bavaria, all in the same issue?

†††††††† I also want to thank you for carrying my story about the military banner program for our nation's veterans and active duty personnel.† No one deserves recognition more than they do.

†††††††† Keep on documenting the facts and the fun of life in Victoria.

†††††††† Vicki Bont, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Greetings, Sue.† Kudos to you for your brilliant writing on "A Sad and Sorry Storm Swirls in Victoria," in the September issue of the Victoria Gazette.† Proper and precise.† My take on the swirling in Victoria under the current mayor can also be compared to the difference between a race horse and a bucking bronco.

†††††††† A race horse is bred, trained, and kept specifically for the business of racing -- leaving the gate on an established objective and planed goal, expending a great deal of energy, gaining quantifiable results.

†††††††† A bucking bronco is an untrained horse, or one that habitually bucks -- leaving the gate with no objective or goal, rotating rapidly, bucking, twirling, repeating the same swirling in circles, expending a great deal of energy without gaining much distance from where it begins.

†††††††† Stan Hamerski, (Former Resident of Victoria), Chaska, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hey, Sue!† Your pages 2 and 3 in the September issue of the Gazette were great -- "A Boatload of Lawyers Rowing in Different Directions" and "Like Hurricane Harvey: A Sad and Sorry Storm Swirls in Victoria."† Good job!

†††††††† I also write to inquire about your thoughts regarding the State's presentation on the OML violation saga and the status of the Victoria/Watershed District in regard to Lake Wassermann.† Hope you and Allan had a good summer.† We really enjoyed being with you at the Sunset Fest at St. Victoria.† All the best, and thank you.

†††††††† Jim Paulsen, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† At a St. Louis Park High School football game recently, the players and fans honored a fallen police officer from Wayzata who was run over and killed by a stoned inattentive driver.† His widow is the athletic director at St. Louis Park.

†††††††† During the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, every player and fan stood at attention, hats and helmets removed.† No one knelt in protest of "social injustice," even though it would have been their right to do so, according to some people.† Everyone knew it would have been extremely disrespectful to the slain officer's widow and family as well as to the veterans and police officers in attendance.

†††††††† Tom Stumpf, Waconia, Minnesota



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with memory challenges.†

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