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To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† My wife and I attended the Victoria City Council Meeting at City Hall on Monday evening, August 14th.† After all of the "conflicts" in the city, we wanted to see firsthand how the meetings were going.† Well, we were appalled at the mayor and most of his comments.

†††††††† We have been in Victoria for over 30 years.† During that time, we have seen the growth of our beautiful little community and have experienced many changes.† We have also had some great people running our city, both elected and hired.† For the most party, they have all done the best job they could do according to their abilities.

†††††††† Today, for the first time, I see a real conflict within the council.† Thank God we have at least three sensible people on the council to try and keep this mayor in check.† His continued lawsuit is not in the best interest of our community.†

†††††††† The good citizens of this community continue to plead for the matter to be dropped so the city can move forward.† Judy Black, a concerned resident of Victoria, continues to deliver the message from the citizens, but the mayor simiply smiles and laughs at her comments.† That is totally disgusting and certainly not the way a mayor should act.

†††††††† When councilmembers tried to move forward with censure (due to the mayor's conflict of interest), the mayor continues to laugh.† I do not see anything funny about what is going on, and neither should he.

†††††††† The mayor read a statement that said, "There is a cancer in this city," and he is correct.† What he does not realize is that he is the cancer.† It appears he is out to destroy our city and those who work hard for it.† I hope reality sets in one day soon and that he wakes up.

†††††††† Steve and Donna Leighton, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Please keep up your good work and your wonderful spirit and let not the detractors rob you of one moment's peace.

†††††††† Regards, Scott Jensen, Laketown Township


To the Editor:

†††††††† As always, it was another charming issue of the Gazette.† I greatly enjoyed the historical pictures of all the lovely local points of interest.† I'm hooked now on finding the fishhook each month.† Clever use of the silo at the Arboretum Bee Center, to disguise the location of the fishhook in the bottom left corner picture on page 10.

†††††††† Dori Miller, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† Thanks so much for all your work in keeping our community front and center in our minds and hearts.† For those who love the Victoria Library, I want to tell you that Meg Adams, the owner of Divine Containers and a Friend of the Library, has graciously offered us 20% of profits once again for our Friends of the Victoria Library funds.† Thank you for your support.,

†††††††† Debbie Johnson, Chair, Friend of the Library, Victoria, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† Lina and I were just thrilled to see your piece about Lina Unleashed in the "In the Neighborhood" section of your paper last month.† Thank you so much for including it and for your glowing review!† We continue to enjoy the Victoria Gazette every month and especially like the introduction of new vocabulary words and photos of Addie and Gunnar.† We are proud that you are a member of our family.

†††††††† Robin Kelleher and Lina (Woof!), Burnsville, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hi, Sue.† So enjoy reading about what is happening in Victoria.† Miss you all.† Found the fishhook on page 10 in the August paper, over the silo.† Have happy times.† Blessings.

†††††††† Cynnie Harris, Hopkins, Minnesota


To the Editor:

†††††††† Hello from Grand Haven, Michigan!† George and I are visiting our son Brad and family, whom you know as your son Nick's classmate at Chanhassen Elementary and Chaska High.† I'm waiting for a volleyball match to begin, and I am catching up on news from Victoria.† I happened upon the fishhook while looking at your Bee Center pictures from the Arboretum in your August Gazette.† The silo the farm I grew up on didn't quite have the same look.† It was a clever place to hide the hook.† Carry on with what you do.† It's enjoyable to read all the news and see all the pictures.† The best to you.

†††††††† Diane Prieditis, Chanhassen, Minnesota



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