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Another Member of the Pack by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “As the years keep rolling along, many of you good readers, family, and friends, know that there has almost always been a hunting dog in the family.”

The Carver County Fair by Sue Orsen.  “We were intent on walking the fairgrounds, stopping here and there for a county-fair bite to eat, visiting the animals and exhibits, and just enjoying the afternoon, but not the tractor pull.”

The Fine Art Fair by Sue Orsen.  “It was a lovely day on Stieger Lake at Bayfront Plaza on Saturday, August 12th, the 1st Annual Victoria Fine Art Fair.”

Problem Solving by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “We’re not very good at cause and effect because we’re not very good at getting to root causes.”

A St. Cyril Controversy by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “A note was sent to me from faithful reader Libby McGraw of Victoria about St. Cyril and a reference I made to this hallowed saint in an earlier Victoria Gazette.”

Corn on the Cob and Duchess by Sue Orsen.  “While Jane Michel husks fresh sweet corn direct from their field, most all of given away, her husband Jerry Michel plays with Duchess.”

Incredible Classic Cars by Sue Orsen.  “Classic car owners are happy to reminisce about the old days, when three people easily fit across the front seat, white sidewalls were all the rage, and cars came in colors like carrot orange and pink flamingo.”

St. Victoria’s Sunset Fest by Sue Orsen.  “Fr. Bob White and his blond friend Arlo dined with special guest Archbishop Hebda and brother Bill White.  It was also a celebration of the 160th Anniversary of St. Victoria.”

Caroline Hartman 77, died August 12th.

Ralph Hanson, 75, died August 10th.

Fr. Tom Vos, 82, died September 6th.

The MN Renaissance Festival by Sue Orsen.  “The Victoria Gazette was invited to Press Night at the Renaissance.  It was a perfect evening in many ways.  At our side was Cowboy Correspondent and wife Patti.”

Remember When the Victoria Chamber of Commerce put on “A Touch of Bavaria”?  The first annual occurred in the fall of 1989 at Lions Park.

A Banner Day for U.S. Military Service by Vicki Bont, Victoria, MN.  “The town of Finleyville, PA, are decorated from Memorial Day to Labor Day with banners that picture home town service people back as far as the Civil War.”

Carver County Update by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “It is important for Congress to preserve the state and local tax deduction in any federal tax reform.”

Double the Fun by Nan Emmer, Victoria, MN.  “The Blessing House on Lake Wassermann in Victoria was the perfect venue for the 70th birthday bash for Fr. Bob White and Jim Emmer, who have been friends since childhood.”

Unprecedented:  Mayor Funk is Censured by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “It is unprecedented in the history of Victoria that a mayor of Victoria has been censured.  Equally unprecedented in the history of Victoria, a mayor of Victoria has been censured with consequences.  It happened on Monday evening, August 14th.”  Click on Front  Page.

A Boatload of Lawyers by Sue Orsen.  “The long and contentious story in Victoria is growing longer and more contentious as the weeks and months and years go by — partly because there have been lots of lawyers, many of them rowing in different directions.”

Like Hurricane Harvey by Sue Orsen.  “The eye of the storm was picked up by radar already in 2013.  The twister took advantage of inhabitants, threw them for a loop, and sent them like paper airplanes to drift in the spiraling sea of debris.”

The Mississippi and the Gardens of St. Cloud by Sue Orsen.  “We recently spent a weekend in St. Cloud, MN, with Jenny and Addie and discovered one of the most impressive garden spots we’ve ever visited.”

The Mississippi and the Falls of St. Anthony by Sue Orsen.  “Before we brought Jenny and Addie to Union Depot in St. Paul that next evening to catch Amtrak back to the far side of North Dakota, we visited St. Anthony Falls.  Allan pointed out the Stone Arch Bridge, the new I-35W Bridge, the Third Avenue Bridge, the Guthrie Theater, and the Lock at St. Anthony Falls.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Bognanni, Branch Manager.  “Bring in your technology questions any time that the library is open.”

Zucchini for Everything by Christie Schlueter, Regular Visitor to Victoria.  “If there is one vegetable that is very versatile, it has to be the zucchini.  It is a very prolific grower and once it starts to produce, they seem to all come in at once.”

Demolition Day at the Lions Shelter by Sue Orsen.  “The west open-air section of Shelter went down August 25th.  Troy Poppitz ran his backhoe like it was a human appendage attached at the shoulder.”

14 Victoria Homes in Annual Twin Cities Fall Parade by Wendy Danks.  “Victoria Parade homes range in price from $335,990 to $1,7 M.”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured Fr. Robert Schmieg in “Life is a Jungle.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Fr. Robert Schmieg in “Through the Eyes of Poverty.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured the storm that hit Victoria in “Summer Storm of 2007.”

Three of Victoria’s Finest by Tracy Bongard Ketchum, Victoria, MN.  “Our sons have played tournament baseball and been coached by three of Victoria’s finest — Nate Pitner, Darin Anderson, and Dennis Cruikshank.”

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