Feature Continued

Paul Stauffacher, president of Holy Family Catholic High School and resident of Victoria, tended his eighth and newest grandchild, Tara Josephine Stauffacher, during the luncheon reception and proudly introduced her all around.

The Holy Family High School Choir, under the direction of Paul Grustans, sang for the Mass of Dedication on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Paul Stauffacher:  "Well, board members, it happened before your very eyes.  Benefactors, we absolutely love you for what you're doing.  Thank you, parents, for entrusting your kids to us."

Rob Roy:  "What a wonderful thing to be a dreamer, and to hang around with a lot of dreamers."  In particular, he cited Archbishop Harry Flynn for "his prayers and his faith in us to complete this project," Bishop Welch "who is smiling upon us today," Fr. Bob White and Fr. Steve Ulrich and "all of our priests who have opened themselves up to us," the workers who participated in the building, the board members
-- Theo Chalgren, Diana Goebel, Joe Morin, Steve Burke, Tom Burke, Mary Fafinski, Chuck Garrity, Bert Notermann, Bill Slattery, Tom Steward -- and their spouses.

Carrying the Gifts: The four men so instrumental in the beginnings of Holy Family brought the gifts up the aisle at the Offertory of the Mass.  In back:  Theo Chalgren and Rob Roy.  Front:  Tom Steward and Joe Morin.

Archbishop Harry Flynn:  "Indeed, this is the day the Lord has made.  My mind can't help but go back five years ago when this school began in the minds of dreamers.  We salute their faith, hope, and confidence.  The dream has come true."
Concelebrating the Mass with Archbishop Harry Flynn (front) were (l-r):  Fr. Bob White of St. Victoria; Fr.Chris Beaudet, chaplain at Holy Family; Archbishop John Roach; Fr. Steve Ulrich of St. Hubert's in Chanhassen.

Archbishop Harry Flynn graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures.  Here he delights Victoria people (l-r):  Germaine Jesberg, Gerda Schmieg, Jean Moore, Mary Moore, Louise Lehner, Nancy Sturk, and Elizabeth Diethelm.

Bill and Bea Beddor (below) and Paul Douglas and Laurie Kruhoeffer (not pictured) are Honorary Co-Chairs of the $21 million campaign to build Holy Family.  Several large gifts have jumpstarted the campaign.  The next goal is to reach the halfway mark by January, 2001.  Mary Meuwissen, daughter of Bill and Bea, is the mayor of Victoria.

The Sayer Charitable Foundation has supported the Holy Family Catholic High School Campaign from its very inception and has increased its gift to $1 million.  The school's chapel is named The Chapel of the Sacred Heart to honor the devotion of George Sayer, who passed away in March, 1998, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Pictured above are Mrs. Evelyn Sayer of Deephaven(center), son Scott of Medina (right), and daughter Susan and her husband Jim Leaf of Maple Grove.  George and Evelyn had 13 children, many of them attending the Holy Family dedication.

Jim and Mary Remes, residents near Lake Bavaria, were on hand for the dedication of Holy Family and greetings from the Archbishop.

The Luncheon Reception was thoroughly enjoyed by Father Bob White (far right), as well as (l-r):  Joni Jeurissen, Jamie Moore, Julie Schmieg, Deacon Al Schroder (all of St. Victoria), Father Val Messerich of Hampton, MN, and June White of Edina, Father Bob's mother.