Almost Sisters by Sue Orsen.  "They married brothers from South Dakota who lived hard, played hard, and died young, within five months of each other "  Click on Front Page.
Once Upon a Time by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  "Many of you good ladies and Germans pick up this little column every month hoping for some helpful hints on how to improve yourselves or how to possibly just become a happier homo sapiens "
Connecting to Country Western Culture by Sarah Kreykes.  "An old fashioned hoedown took place at Victoria Elementary School with over 500 children, parents, and staff enjoying the family evening of dancing, dining, and other fun events "
The Impact Zone by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  "Every golf club has its share of golf maniacs, and Deer Run is no exception "
Just An Opinion by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  "As I'm writing this, it is Earth Day and raining outside.  Of course it's raining outside.  If it was raining inside, we would need a new roof "
The Sheriff's Shingle by Bud Olson, Carver County Sheriff.  "I believe it is important that all citizens know and understand the duties, responsibilities, hazards, and sacrifices of their law enforcement agency "
Helpful Hints from Helmut by Tom Gray, Victoria Building Official.  "My wife Sophia says that we should allow our automatic sprinkler system to run every day during the summer.  Is this a good idea?"
Senior Moments by Linda McNulty, Victoria Senior Commission.  "These folks are members of your Victoria Senior Commission:  Ron Allen, David and Marilyn Boorsma, David Lindgren, Dan McInerny, Dr. Jim Pehringer, Dawn Peterson "
Community Service Award by Darlene Williams, St. Victoria.  "John and Joyce Heiland of Victoria were recognized as recipients of the Outstanding Service Award by the St. Victoria Catholic Aid Council "
Play it Again, Sam by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  "Are we excited believers in the Lord's resurrection?  Do we share this news of the great gift of eternal life in our daily lives?"
Congratulations, Jo Mihelich by Ron Holtmeier, Resident of Victoria.  "The Award of Merit Banquet was held at the Interlachen Country Club in Edina on April 21st "
Just Put It on the Bill by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  "I dashed out of the Wartman house, ran past the old Water Pump Station in between Tuffy's Tavern and the Creamery, dodged a few cars, and ran into Notermann's Store "

A Beautiful Bountiful Place by Sue Orsen.  "Cathy Mackenthun is the fourth generation of Mackenthuns in the business.  Cathy's own father, Ruben, founded the store in St. Bonifacius in 1955 "
Message from the Mayor by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun, City of Victoria.  "The specific purpose of the Town Hall Meeting is for City Councilmembers to hear from the citizens who have ideas, opinions, and concerns with the status of our Victoria Field House "
A View of Virginia Tech by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  "All the rhetorical questions about 'How could this have been stopped?' and 'If only he'd been dealt with sooner' and the blaming and finger pointing exercises result in expending excessive hot air "
Recognizing Youth at Victoria Elementary School by Debi Ylitalo, VES Parent.  "Over 200 youth were honored at the recent District 112 event Celebrating Community Values, including four students from Victoria Elementary:  Mariah Jackels, Brooke Hove, Ben Haarstad, and Molly Ewanika "
Keep Your Eyes Open by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  "The public has a right to know what its elected officials are doing, and we and other nonprofit organizations are not about to be muzzled.  Irrational bills have been proposed by our legislatures "
They Could Be Future Vics by Kristy Mock, Victoria Parks & Rec Supervisor.  "We extend our sincere thanks to the Victoria Vics Baseball Team for teaching the Baseball Skills and Drills Class at the Victoria Field House "
A Thousand Daffodils by Carol Vadnais, Resident of Victoria.  "This week the daffodils and other spring flowers are blooming as I saw them at the MN Landscape Arboretum "
Chamber's Channel by President Jay Swenson.  "We thank the many businesses that have taken time to participate in the Chamber so far this year "
Brrrr!!  by Victoria Lion Kurt Zuppke.  "The Victoria Lions held their annual Easter Egg Hunt on the day before Easter.  The wind cut through you like a sharp knife through an Easter ham "
20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Joe and Betty Ann Claeys, parents of the editor, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, in "A Love Story."
10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Joe and Betty Ann Claeys, parents of the editor, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, in "Love on the Land."
Brian Wynn, 39, of Victoria died on Friday, April 13th.