The online Gazette is similar in flavor to the hardcopy Gazette, highlighting most all of the paper items and containing many of them in their entirety.

The Victoria Gazette (hardcopy) began in 1979 as an advertiser for a restaurant in Victoria, Minnesota.  In 1980 Editor Sue Orsen helped turn it into a newspaper and took on full responsibility for keeping the newspaper alive.  In 1982 Sue became owner and publisher, and the community became her staff.  Approximately twenty-five regular contributors to the Gazette come from the Victoria organizations, churches, community leaders, other talented residents and friends of the Gazette.

The center of city activity is city government.  As such, news of Victoria City Council meetings fills the two-page centerfold of the Gazette each month under the heading, "The Scoop at City Hall."  Letters to the editor (online and offline) are profuse; the paper is very "interactive."  There is a Poet's Corner by Jesse Coghill, a cartoon drawing by the editor's daughter Jenny (who also has her own company, see:, a Hook Line and Sinker Contest,  sundry articles, items, and tidbits, as well as display ads from wonderful advertisers and other delicious miscellaneous.