One Decade after the Other by Sue Orsen.  The editor's parents, Joe and Betty Claeys, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday, May 20th.  Click on Front Page and check out the page in Sue's Album.
It Remains One Nation Under God by Sue Orsen.  "Victoria City Councilmembers, under the leadership of Mayor Mary Thun, held a special flag raising ceremony on May 24th "
From the Lions Den by Al Liestman, President of the Victoria Lions Club.  "My year of service has been an enjoyable fulfilling experience.  Our next year's group of leaders is remarkable "
One Good Turn by Tom Stumpf, Victoria Cowboy Correspondent.  "They say, whoever 'they' are, that variety is the spice of life.  The cowboy would agree with that, plus one small addition "
For and By the People by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun, City of Victoria.  "At a closed session, the Victoria City Council made the decision to reject the current offers of purchase for the Victoria Field House "
Help World War II Vets by Fremont B. Gruss, Combat Infantryman in WWII.  "We need the help of younger Vets to help a WWII Vet for a bus ride from our American Legion Post to the WWII Memorial dedication in St. Paul "
Victoria Central by Linda McNulty.  "In response to the March survey, you asked for monthly and nutrition exercise classes at no cost "
Sheriff's Shingle by Sheriff Bud Olson, Carver County, MN.  "There has been an increase in mail thefts throughout the metro area.  Suspects are believed to have travelled through portions of Carver County "
Swedish Culture Among Us by Carol Vadnais, Resident of Victoria.  "There is a small Swedish culture group starting in our area this month to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of the Scandinavian heritage "
Obituaries:  Yvonne Damman Bene, 70, of Victoria.  Vernice Weiland, 87 of Waconia.  Austin Bodahl, 23, of Waconia.  Margery L. Hanson, of Chaska.
At Oakmont Country Club by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Club.  "Oakmont, just outside of Pittsburg, has hosted more major championships than any other course in America "
Learning Teamwork:  Fun in the Sun by Debi Ylitalo, Victoria Elementary School Parent"The weather cooperated, the rain stayed at bay, and we were able to hold our Field Day "
The Last Weekend of May by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  "We need to be mindful of responsible citizenship, good values, the history of our nation, and the foundation upon which it was built "

Memorial Day Highlights:  Also Founders Day at St. Victoria by Sue Orsen.  "Jerry Schmieg played Taps.  Father Bernardine Hahn, 91, flew in from St. Louis.  Fr. Bob White extends a special blessing to descendants of the St. Victoria pioneers.  The church is celebrating its 150-year anniversary.
It's a Jewel:  Opportunities are Endless by Sue Orsen.  "It was 73 degrees outside and rain was threatening, but the sun kept shining until after the Town Hall Meeting that would focus on the future of the Victoria Field House There was every indication from Mayor Mary Thun that every shy or hesitant speaker be given an opportunity to address Victoria City Councilmembers regarding the Victoria Field House "
Arbeit macht Frei?  by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  "A life of leisure and laziness beckoned and endless summers were in store for the youth of Victoria "
Exceptional Rides by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  "As I have explained before, a good ride is any time you are on your cycle.  A very good ride is when it is not raining.  An exceptional ride is when there are more lilacs than pig farms "
About Global Warming:  Claim the Facts by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  "Global warming has become a religion run by fanatics reminiscent of the leaders of the darkest days of the Inquisition that nearly destroyed society only a few hundred years ago "
The One Thing by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  "Maybe some of you saw the movie entitled City Slickers.  The main characters decide to do a cattle drive to help rediscover themselves in life "
Freedom isn't Free by Pastor Bill Bonner, Waterbrooke Fellowship.  "I came upon a poem that says it well, and I pass it on to you in closing "
Soup's On at Victoria Elementary by Donna Brengman, VES Social Worker.  "Students collected over 100 pounds of canned and boxed food donations to help local families in need "
Minnesota's Sweetest Girls by Casey Haarstad, Resident of Victoria.  "I have been working with a group called TVbyGirls and have had film-shorts in film festivals all over the world "
20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Marvin Storms and the Victoria Repair Shop in "Just Fooling Around."  Mike, who is nearly 80 years old, moved his family to Victoria in 1951 "
10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Julius Smith in "The Space He Fills."  A lawyer by profession, Julius entertains a vast spectrum of interests and positions, one of which is a seat on the Metropolitan Council "