Ghosts of Christmas Past by Sue Orsen.  "When we bring memories to the surface, we bring to life the spirit and people of the times.  In so doing, we honor those who have gone before us "  Click on Front Page.
Stuk in Irak fur Now by Steve Sarvi Iraq, Victoria City Administrator.  "I'll be on a plane heading home for my two-week R & R in late December.  Needless to say, my family and I are looking forward to being together, if even for a few short weeks "
Icicle Capital of the World by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  "Once that first freeze and thaw hit, every home and downtown business in Victoria was covered with icicles.  Victoria youth raced out of schools to find icicles at their favorite icicle hanging spot "
My Christmas List by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  "I've not received anything on my Christmas Wish List over the years.  I never got the pony and I never got the Porsche 944, but I've learned that the gift of Christ is the whole package "
There is No Place Like Home by Mary Leizinger, Victoria Realtor.  "Homes are often the most beautiful during the holiday season with lights and decorations and good smells coming from the kitchen.  Make a resolution to take care of your home as it takes care of you "
Holding Christmas by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  "A woman was looking for part time work and applied for a job taking care of a young couple's precious firstborn son.  When she later asked why she'd been chosen from among all the other candidates, the parents exclaimed, 'You were the only one who asked to hold our son in her arms' "
Chamber's Channel by Jennifer Chapman, Director, Victoria Chamber of Commerce.  "I would like to personally send a big thanks to those who have dedicated time, resources, and efforts to make our Chamber better "
Meeting with Girls Scouts by Vicki Bont, Resident of Victoria.  "Victoria Councilmember and Mayor-Elect Mary Hershberger Thun met with area Senior Girl Scout Troop 565 to help the girls begin career exploration "
Ring of Fire by Father Bob White, St. Victoria Catholic Church.  "I'm sitting at the Holy Family Fire Football Banquet in Victoria.  The Ring of Fire -- it's the fire that draws us together.  From the glow of the football season to the glow of the Christmas season, it's all about the same thing.  It's the fire of His love that ignites us to become the people God made us to be "
20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Ralph and Ruth Plocher in "Christmas is in the Air."  They moved to Victoria in 1942 to the second oldest house in Victoria, just across the tracks "

Here's to You!  by Tom Stumpf, Victoria Cowboy Correspondent.  "These little monthly musings would truly be a simple at of vanity were it not for you, the good people who read them.  It is difficult for your humble cowboy to express how much happiness comes from having people acknowledge these stories "
Golf is a Game, Not a Sport by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  "I differentiate a sport from a game by a certain level of physical exertion.  For example, poker is a game and hockey is a sport.  Golf can be a sport, but for most of us, golf is recreation "
Who said, "Bah Humbug?"  by Thom Derr , Rough Rider.  "Once again we are having nice riding days into the middle and end of November, so my usual 'bah humbug' attitude is being delayed.  There are no winter trips planned as of yet.  With the nice riding weather extending, the urgency of planning a winter trip just isn't there "
Code Corner by Tom Gray, Victoria Building Official.  "Every once in a while government does something right.  Take smoke detectors, for instance, which have been required by the building code for many years.  Now government has taken the next step by passing a new carbon monoxide law that requires CO alarms in all single family homes and multifamily apartment units "
How Victoria Voted.  "As usual the residents of Victoria turned out in high numbers to vote on Election Tuesday, November 7th.  There are now 4,369 registered voters in the City of Victoria.  With a count of 3,047, the overall voter turnout this fall was 69.7% "
Christmas Appetites by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizen Reporter.  "I just read an article entitled Indulge Without the Bulge, with hints to help us maintain weight without too much gain over the holidays.  To keep from being depressed and overeating, think of others less fortunate.  Contribute to charitable organizations "
Maude at Bethlehem by Father Elstan Coghill, Pastor of St. Victoria 1985-1996.  "I picture Maude, my toy dachshund, present at the events surrounding the most surrounding the most significant occurrence in the history of the universe -- the birth of Christ "
From the Lions Den by Al Liestman, President, Victoria Lions Club.  "The Lions had guest speaker, former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, who talked about his horse ride along the Continental Divide, a ride that started in Canada and ended in Mexico.  Everyone one attendance could not believe the incredible story and the pictures.  Mr. Quie is really an incredible person who has touched many lives "
10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Jane Chapman in "A Christmas Gift "