Having a Ball by Sue Orsen.  "The biggest weekend in Victoria has come and gone once again and it seemed everyone was having a ball.  Most balls were flying at Lions Park, but some were also at Diethelm Park "  click on Front Page.
Reaching Out for the Best by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun.  "I think your City Council continues to reach out, listen, and then take action.  Hopefully, we will make the right decisions "
Some Hits and Misses by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  "As the first official scorekeeper when the Lions Tournament was held The Ball Park (with only one field), to my playing days and culminating as an observer in 2007, my memories of this event run deep and are cherished "
Victoria Kid Need a Place to Play by Mike Trudell, MN Timberwolves Reporter.  "Kids need a place to shoot basketball, hit a softball, and play hockey.  It turns out that in Victoria, MN, there is a place to play.  It's called the Victoria Field House "
Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  "When I was a young child, we had this beautiful tree in our backyard.  I would climb up the trunk of the tree as high as I could get, grab a branch, and shake with persistence and determination "
Language is Not Static, Dude!  by Pastor Bill Bonner, Waterbrooke Fellowship.  "Each new edition of Webster's Dictionary includes words that were not in the last edition, and some words are likewise dropped out as they are considered archaic.  Few things have changed our language, and our world for that matter, more than the personal computer and the internet "
Victoria Veterinary Care by Sue Orsen.  "The new clinic will be taking appointments after August 20th and by September 4th there will be a full time veterinarian officed in Victoria. 
Assault on Parents' Rights by Ethel Ausink, Victoria Senior Citizens Reporter.  "Until recently, Merck pushed legislation in over 30 states around the country that would force girls as young as 10 or 11 to get this HPV vaccine or they cannot enter the sixth grade.  There is simply no reason to force this on our children "
Twenty Years Ago the Gazette featured Anna Kelzer Schneider, 95.  The fourth of eleven children born to William and Ida Williams (who were married 68 years when they died), Anna spoke Hollander language at home, learned German to communicate in Victoria, and learned English at the St. Victoria Catholic School "
Ten Years Ago the Gazette featured the annual Lions Tournament Weekend in "Extremely Victoria."  The weekend saw extreme weather over the three days "

God Speed, Terry Bishop (1955-2007) by Sue Orsen.  Victoria Councilmember Terry Bishop did not speak often nr was he verbose when he did speak.  He spoke clearly, succinctly, and effectively.  Minds didn't wander when Terry had something say.  He knew how to get to the point of the matter, whatever the matter "
Another Summer Success by Sue Orsen.  "The most popular summer Victoria concert in the park with the kids is the Teddy Bear Band.  See lots of photos and fun on display by clicking on the Sue's Album icon of this web site.
Staying Tuned Up by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  "This spring our Church set up the mowing schedule and tuned the tractor, mower, weed whips, and all the other tools to do lawn care here at Lake Auburn "
Fires of Victoria City Hall by Tom Gray, Victoria Building Official.  "A lot has happened in Victoria during the past two years that City Administrator Steve Sarvi has been in the military, most recently in Iraq.  Compared to where he's been these last two years, walking into the fire of City Hall will be a welcome change "
A Little Time at the Home Place by Tom Stumpf, Victoria Cowboy Correspondent.  "Mention the words 'family reunion' to many people in today's world and watch the faces contort and the hand wringing begin.  With good reason in our fast paced lives, people are hesitant to spend precious free time with long lost relatives "
Develop Your Own Swing by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  "Teaching the golf swing can be frustrating but it can be very satisfying, especially when the student develops a swing that fits his personality.  Too often people try to swing like they 'should,' meaning they think their swing should look like some model swing "
Sheriff's Mounded Posse by Sheriff Bud Olson, Carver County.  "The Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff's Office with security and crowd control, search and rescue operations, community relations, and outreach activities, as well as special missions as assigned "
On the Road Again by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  "The Harley Babe and I are at the Spouter Inn in Lincolnville, which is on the Maine coast just north of Portland on Route One.  This is the sixth day of a two-week trip "
Through the Eyes of a Victoria Baseball Fan by Jerry Beneke of Victoria.  "I grew up in Hamburg, lived in Minnetonka, and moved to Victoria in 1996.  Hamburg is located in the west part of Carver County "
Lawrence Klein, 78, died June 29th.
George Salden, 76, died June 13th.