Wunderbar Volksfest

The 80-degrees and balmy breeze August 16th and 17th were balanced by the brilliant blue sky decorated with big bouncy clouds that provided occasional shade reprieve.  People rubbed shoulders, folded arms, extended hands, and greeted old friends and new.  It is estimated that 3,000 to 3,500 people visited beautiful downtown Victoria for Volksfest 2013.

The west end of Tower Boulevard, filled with vendors, points to the Johnson family home, one of few residential homes left in downtown Victoria.  Purchased recently by the City of Victoria, that home will then be scheduled for demolition.  The city also owns the vacant parcel next to it (to the left in the photo), once the site of the Victoria Cafe.  Those two properties could soon be owned by Hartman Communities as part of a Land Swap whereby the City of Victoria would acquire the Hartman property near the LRT trail just a block or so north of this location, down on Stieger Lake.  Either that lakeside parcel or the combined parcel above is projected to become the site of a new Victoria City Hall.

The east end of Tower Boulevard, filled with vendors, points to Crossroads Liquor and, to the right of Crossroads in the same building, Fresh Seasons Market.  When you walked to the left at Crossroads you traveled down the alley, which was also filled with arts and craft vendors, to Stieger Lake Lane, which was lined with business booths and visitors and residents strolling the sites.  Main Street Victoria provided activities such as the Giant Climbing Wall and inflatable slides for kids.  Restaurants and stores were also open for the day.  It was truly a vista that Victoria residents of yesteryear -- including even 20 years ago -- would never have imagined.

In the opinion of some, including the editor of the Victoria Gazette, the most outstanding music of the day was provided by the Chaska Valley Community Band.  Their music should be piped somehow throughout all of downtown Victoria when they are playing at the Victoria Volksfest.  Actually, Victoria should have a sound system that projects function-appropriate music for all of the various occasions that are hosted in the downtown business district -- be it Classic Cars, Halloween, Christmas, or other seasonal events.  Says Randy Miller, president of the VBOA, "It's a work in progress."

Mayor Tom O'Connor and his wife Cathi treating two of their grandchildren.  Ryan is in front of Grandma Cathi while Meghan is hiding behind her.  It's always good to see Victoria city councilmembers, past and present, attending the many functions in downtown Victoria.

Jennifer Knudson is the barefoot chick with a chainsaw from Wadena, Minnesota.

Do you see the profile of the bear she is carving?

Victoria firefighters strategize for the upcoming bedraces. Seated (l-r): Chief Andrew Heger and Troy Walsh.  Standing:  Tim Stedman, Doug Schmieg, and Dave Shoger.

It is possible that the person traveling the farthest to attend the 2013 Volksfest was Mike Wahl who traveled with his wife Tina from Kentucky.  They have roots in the area.

Ja, es war noch mal ein wunderbar Volksfest.

Janney Stucki, Noah Atlas, and Tom Wartman of Fresh Seasons Market in Victoria worked a food booth during the two days of Volksfest.  Janney is the proud grandmother of the youngest person at the Volksfest -- six-day old Hadley Janet Murphy.

Ruth Ertl, owner of Real Deals, moved her business from Waconia to Victoria in August and was open for Volksfest!  Real Deals moved to the building on Stieger Lake Lane, owned by Roger Narkie.  Real Deals is open Thursdays and Saturdays.  Welcome to Victoria, Ruth.  Say hi to Dick.

Tazzie's Baby and Child opened up in Victoria this spring and was also open for the Volksfest.  Their tag is “Premium products for you and your little ones.”  Tazzie’s is a children’s boutique that offers a wide variety of unique items and premium brands.

Main Street offered activities for kids.

Hartman Tree Farm and Garden Center was responsible for decorating and landscaping the terrace around the Adirondack Chair Display which was located next to the Notermann Building.  Leslie Hartman, wife of Jeff, was one of the workers seen and on scene at the Volksfest.  The bed of their vintage truck provided the platform for auctioning off the Adirondack chairs, which were purchased earlier this summer by Victoria businesses, painted and decorated, then sold to the highest bidder at the Volksfest.  The auction, as well as the Business Expo, is a fund-raiser for the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce.