Winter Wanderings

Editor Sue

The barn quilt on the old Kerber Barn during Christmas Season 2014 appeared like the Star of Bethlehem over the Manger.† Along with the evergreen trees and other old farm buildings, it seemed to be keeping the place warm in the winter.† The quilt was constructed in 2012.† The farm site is located just east of the Minnesota Apple Farm Research Center.

Having survived Thanksgiving 2014, the wild turkeys came out to feed and decorate the snow hills in late December.† Their favorite feeding and nesting location is on the University of MN property along Hwy 5 near the Hwy 41 intersection.†† In the evening they disappear into the trees for the night and perch high in the branches to avoid becoming a turkey dinner for those who would have them.

Faith Lutheran Church is located in the City of Victoria, just barely.† The evergreen tree could be in the city limits of Chanhassen.

Can you see the skaters on Lake Minnewashta?†

This array of equipment is lined up and parked at Arberwood, the new Victoria subdivision located next to Emerald Crest and Bavaria Road in Victoria, anticipating working conditions and spring 2015.

The new Victoria Public Works facility is now accommodating staff and equipment of the Victoria Public Works Department.† It is located on Bavaria Road, about two miles from downtown Victoria.

The large and impressive entrance monument to the Lakebridge neighborhood in Victoria was decorated in December 2014 with evergreen wreaths and holly for the Christmas season.† The water fountains will most likely return in the spring.

The new Victoria City Hall, located on the top level of the building at the right, and the new Victoria Library, located on the ground level, are preparing for Grand Openings in 2015.† Thatís the new Lakeside office and retail building on the left.† Both lie between Stieger Lake Lane and the Regional Bike Trail.

The Victoria House in downtown Victoria received a new paint job and face lift in 2014 that made it a standout in the community like no other establishment.† It is painted blue.† Once a working feedmill for area farmers, the popular restaurant was also dressed in Christmas duds for the season.† Looking good, Victoria House.

Attractive and impressive monuments advertise the MN Landscape Arboretum.† Victoria is now connected to the Arboretum with a bike trail along Hwy 5 and highway underpass.

In addition to large acreage, the Arboretum has large buildings.

Leaving the Arboretum and the new Gate House.

For the moment, thatís it for Winter Wanderings.†

Seven new subdivisions were brought before Victoria city councilmembers in 2014 and approved for development.† Four of the new neighborhoods, including Lake Wasserman Ridge, were made possible because of the trunk sewer pipe and water line connections to the City of Victoria.