Wildlife in Our Yard

We live in the trees and so encountering wildlife in our yard is a common occurrence.

And yet seeing them always calls me to run and get my camera.

It continues to puzzle me why deer walk so bravely and brazenly in our private yard when they have 3,500 acres of Carver Park literally adjacent to our property that should cause them never to leave home.

I donít mind them visiting this time of year since our hostas have now been put to bed for the winter.

I took these deer pictures Wednesday, November 16th, 2016.† Maybe thereís not green grass in the Park.

As you can see, they were in no hurry to leave.

We hear coyote howling almost every night, especially when we sleep with our window open, but weíve never seen a coyote in our yard until this past November.† It was Sunday, November 13th.†

This coyote actually traversed our north retaining wall pictured above where the deer are grazing.

But it was rather unnerving to see this animal in full view and so very close and wild looking less than ten feet away from me, and I didnít get the camera shots as I had hoped.

It all happened very fast, in a few seconds.† Yes, we are surrounded by big woods and big windows.