Where is Waskish?

It's not as far north as the Land of the Setting Sun, but it's quite beautiful.  Allan and I could understand why  a hunter and fisherman would choose to retire up here.  This is Red Lake.  Jenny Jo's parents live less than a mile from here on a river channel that flows into Red Lake. 

The occasion was a bridal shower for Jenny Jo at her mom and dad's home.  Thank you, Helen Ellingson, for the hospitality and wonderful food.  Nick will have such nice in-laws.

The cake was also delicious!  Hi, Jenny Jo.

After the shower, Allan and I and Jenny and the kids went back to Red Lake.  It's shallow forever and warm and clean.  That evening everyone slept like babies.

Did I say babies?  Addie and Gunnar are getting so big.  They munched on cherries and blueberries while their mommy made them pancakes.

Jenny brought the pancake batter from her home.  Gully is about two hours from Waskish, on the other side of the Red Lake Indian Reservation.  (I already had broiled all the bacon!)

Computers even work in the Wilderness of Waskish, where they use the word "resort" rather loosely.  Our accommodations consisted of a three-bedroom mobile home, which wasn't bad -- it was even air conditioned -- but they parked it in a rather unusual location next to a heavy equipment lot. 

Jenny likes to take pictures too.

We spent two nights here by Red lake, then it was off to a night at Gully with Jenny and the kids.  Christopher was at a family reunion on his mom's side at Sauk Centre.

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