When Tioga Calls

When Jenny called from Tioga, ND, Friday evening, October 22nd, and said, “Why don’t you hop on the train tonight?” it was too enticing, and so two hours later we were on the road to the Amtrak Station in St. Paul.  The next morning we woke up on the other end of North Dakota. 

Love, Grandma Sue

This is the little family that awaited us — Christopher, Jenny, and kids Addie and Gunnar.

Grandpa Al helped the kids follow a recipe to make SLIME.  It was green and slimy.

Most people in Tioga seem to travel by pickup truck.

Jenny sets treats out for us while we sit in front of the big screen.

Notice Jenny’s wall décor.

Notice Addie’s two front teeth grown in to fill in the empty spaces of the former baby teeth.

Gunnar is always the first one outside and ready to go.

There were lots of library books to read at bedtime, before school Monday morning.

It was Addie’s turn first.  Now a second grader, Addie can read or sound out all the words very, very well.

Grandma and Gunnar like the story that Addie is reading to them.

The book is called,  “But excuse me, that is MY book!”

The story was not funny but Gunnar was.

Gunnar is only in kindergarten but he, too, can read very, very well.  Grandma can hardly believe it.

Addie is not picking her nose.

With the kids in bed, it was time for the Two-fer Show.

For some reason, Jenny and I end up with a lot of the same “house clothes.”

Chris says it’s because it’s always a two-for-one sale, thus the name “Two-fer.”

One final library book before the bus comes.

Addie hair is brushed and shiny.

Ready to go.

It’s pretty dark when the bus shows up.  I think it was about 8:15 a.m.