When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Thatís Chef Ann OíNeill riding on the shoulders of the leprechaun and cozying up to daughter Laura OíNeil, president of the Victoria Lions Club and partner in Cornerstone Insurance in downtown Victoria.† Laura is the second oldest of nine kids.

ďMy mom has hosted St. Patís parties since 1984, when we were kids in Chanhassen,Ē said Laura.† ďI picked up hosting the parties in 2009.† So Mom has done it for 25 years and eight for me.Ē†† Thatís Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen in the picture.† Elected this past November, his other moniker is Dr. Scott Jensen.

Cindy Larson of Minnetonka, a friend of Ann OíNeill, is an actress with the MN Valley Community Theater and other theaters.† She and Ann are often in costume at the Victoria Halloween Party and other events.

Vicki Turner of Victoria and Cindy enjoy the corned beef and cabbage prepared by the chef.

The leprechaun was a hit at the party.

Left to right, thatís Kelli and Curtis Hansen of Victoria, Teresa OíNeill, and Ann.† Teresa is one of Annís nine children.† The cutie with the Irish skirt is Lula, an Olde English Bulldog.

Lula had good manners and was attentive to her guests.

Jerry Schmieg proved that he was wearing green.† Gerda was close with blue-breen.

The kitchen was also a favorite gathering room.

Cindy knew several Irish tunes.† Again, thatís Dr. Jensen on the left, next to Vicki Turner.† On the far right is Vickiís husband Andy Turner.

Laura invited everyone to join in on ďWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling,Ē and other Irish melodies.

And so they did, including Yvette and Eric Huibregtse of Victoria.

Thatís Dr. Jensenís wife Mary on the left.† They live on Pierson Lake.† The Norwegian on the right found a green sweater in his closet.† I had absolutely nothing in my closet that approached green.† And I donít have green earrings either.

Thank you, Ann and Laura, for a super St. Patrickís Day Party.