Wheeling in from Everywhere

Daughter Jenny and her kids Addie and Gunnar drove in from Tioga, ND (June 10-14) to attend a bridal shower for Celia Norgaard, sister of Christopher.  So son Nick, Jen, Sophie and Mia drove over for the day from Brooklyn Park, and my mom and dad also drove up to Victoria from Ghent.  It was a wonderful time and such nice weather that we could spend a lot of  time outside..

Gunnar gave his little cousin Sophie a ride in the wagon.

Hi, colorful little Addie girl.

It was nice on the deck but Dad needed another umbrella to be shielded from the bright sun.  Hi, Mom.  Hi, Jenny.

Hi, Nick.  Hi, Jen.

Addie and Gunnar with Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Joe.

Nick and his family — wife Jen and their babies Sophie and Mia — and my parents.

Saying goodbye.

A bite to eat after the babies had their evening bath.

Playing with Grandma Sue.

And figures the screwdriver is good for digging in the grass.

After Nick and his family left, we roasted marshmallows and played in the woods.

And then the kids started doing “tricks” for us. 

Gunnar is good at pole vaulting over Addie.

Addie is good at cartwheels . . .

. . . and I’m not sure what you call this.  A back-bend?  A backwards crawl?

Jenny warmed up with cartwheels . . .

 . . . And then did a round-off.

Hand stands — in sync!

The next day we went for a walk in Carver Park, which is right outside our door

The kids decided to leave their bikes in the ditch.

So do mommies.

Almost home.

Rounding the bend.

Ta da!

The next day Grandma took Addie and Gunnar to see Judy Moody at Eden Prairie Center.

Judy Moody was okay but they like Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz better.

Then we stopped at the largest Menard’s in America, or at least that’s what Grandma Sue said.

The long moving sidewalk tram between floors reminded us of being at the Minneapolis airport.

When we got home, Gunnar fell sound asleep.

Gunnar likes to read.

On the final morning, everyone got up early so Jenny could get an early start back to Tioga.

See Gunnar’s morning eyes?

It was going to be wet all day, in Victoria and all the way to Tioga.  Bye, Addie.  Bye, Gunnar.

Bye, Jenny.  Was nice to have you here.  See you soon … for Erin’s wedding.

Love, Mom

Sophie arranges her tools.

Preparing to bring treats to the firepit.

Picking flowers.

Holding hands.

Jenny, where are you!

Little and big.

Christopher, where are you!

Little and big.

Checking out the electric fence, which keeps deer from eating the Park’s newly planted trees.

Making a face.

On the stretch back home.

Addie knows how tall Grandma Sue is.

More little and big.

Grandpas come in handy.