Wheelin’ Kids and Grandkids

Daughter Jenny and her kids Addie and Gunnar wheeled into Victoria about 11 p.m. Wednesday night,  October 19th, after a 10-hour drive from their home in Tioga, ND.  The kids were out of school for NDEA.  Christopher stayed in ND to work. 

We shopped on Thursday and Jenny found wonderful winter jackets for the kids, also snowpants, boots and a few other things.

Grandpa Al played cards with the kids while Grandma Sue was at choir practice.

Gunnar arrived with a loose front tooth.

It came out Thursday night when Grandma Sue was at choir.  It’s the very first one he lost.

Gunnar read us a book before we went to bed that night, from a stash when Jenny and Nick were little.

And, yes, the tooth fairy found Gunnar’s tooth in Victoria and, just like in Tioga, left in its place a Sakakawea Dollar.

On Saturday, Nick and Jen and their little Sophie and Mia came over for the day.

They think it’s fun to watch a Dora movie on Grandma Sue’s little traveling DVD player.

Auntie Jenny brought a trike from Tioga for Sophie to ride when she’s at Grandma’s house.

Sophie learned how to ride it but it will be better if Grandpa Al lowers the seat a little.

Now Grandma has wheels for everybody.

It was a beautiful fall day to play outside.

Cousin Addie gives a little boost.

And that includes Mia.

As long as Jenny and the kids were at home, we celebrated Sophie’s birthday a week early.  Sophie was 3 years old on October 30th.

Mia likes to sit with Grandpa A.

Nick and his girls — Jen, Sophie, and Mia.

Grandma put the whole box of candles on Sophie’s cake to make things a little more interesting.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sophia.

Gunnar put together an elaborate structure with Sophie’s new Lincoln Logs.

We all went downstairs to watch a Winnie the Pooh movie on the big screen.

Before Jenny and her kids left Sunday morning, they made cards for Great Grandma Betty who was in the Mayor Hospital at Rochester, MN.

Jenny also made a card for her grandma. 

When the kids left for Tioga, Allan and I left for Rochester.  Mom had open heart surgery on Friday, October 21st, to replace an aortic valve.  It was all successful.

When the kids got back to school, their school pictures were ready.  It was good to see all you kids again.

Love, Grandma Sue