Wednesday Evening in Victoria

Pointing the way on July 12th, a Classic Car Night in downtown Victoria, are Victoria Lions Volunteers — Lion Matt Jensen, Lion Brian Olson, Lion Judy Janish.

This 1934 Oldsmobile 5-Passenger Touring Sedan is owned by Dave and Sandy Dop of Minnetonka.

The White Birch House in downtown Victoria is owned by Victoria neighbors Alba Pujol and Naomi Loeslie.

Seek Eye Care in downtown Victoria is owned by Mitch Peterson and his wife Dr. Kelsey Keltgen.  On the left is Rachel McKennon, Optical Manager.

It was fun shopping at Willa June Apparel in downtown Victoria.  The shop is owned by Jodi Larson and Mary Roswick.  On the left us Jodi’s mother Vicky Larson.  Mary Moore is on the right.

Thank you, Jessica Mevissen, for giving us a tour of The Parlor Salon and Spa.

This canary-yellow 2004 Chevy is owned by Monty and Barb Pankratz of Chaska.

There was also a Concert in the Park that evening, which the little ones prefer to Classic Cars, for various reasons.

You can’t do handstands just anywhere.

The band that evening was “Stimulus Package.”

These people have a special interest when the band Stimulus Package comes to Victoria.  The drummer is Mikey Fust, first cousin of Anne Hartman.  Left to right:  Dill Drapp, Anne Hartman (wife of Jerry), Caroline Hartman (mother of Jerry, Terry, Jeff, and Debby), Sheree Drap, Denis Stedman Sr. (father of Anne).