Water Babies

Our hotel in Marshall also had a swimming pool.  Addie is a fish.

Our kids traveled long distance for a family get-together in Marshall, MN, where Mom and Dad rented a big spacious room at the nice YMCA for a huge catered dinner and where their grandchildren and great grandchildren could run and play and swim.  It was the weekend of Sunday, June `14th.

Gunnar is a tadpole.

Sophie is a baby who loves her bath.

Fresh as a daisy, I mean pink petunia.

At hotel poolside, Jen and her little sweet Sophie.

Nick and his funny little Sophie.

Says Sophie, “Dad thinks this is a trick.”

Cousins.  They’ve come to think our familiar suite at the AmericInn is their Marshall home.

Hi, Christopher.  Hi, Nick.  Hi, Allan.

Hi, Jen.  Hi, Jenny.

We were invited to Steve and my sister Nancy’s place Saturday night and Steve showed us his big trucks.

Gunnar and Jenny climbed high to try one out.

Everybody wanted to see Steve and Billy’s trucks.

Standing in this corner are Allan, Steve, Matt, Mom, Paul, Margene, Christoher, Nancy.

 Thank you, Steve and Nancy, for a nice evening.  We spent the next day with everybody in Marshall and had a very delicious dinner featuring tender tasty pork and potatoes and gravy.  Hmmm.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.

We were back in Victoria that Sunday night around 7 p.m.  Jenny and Chris and the kids spent an overnight with us before taking the train back to Tioga the next night.  Nick and Jen took their little Sophie back to Brooklyn Park after a little potty break at our house.

Love, Grandma Sue