Watch Addie Grow!

As most of 2003 is now history, I record a summary of it here for daughter Jenny and granddaughter Miss Adeline and other interested parties.  It was a very good year.

Miss Adeline took her first breath and was introduced to her mother Jenny on January 21st, 2003.

Christopher held and watched his baby daughter breathe and sleep and begin to grow.

And so did Grandma Sue ...

... and Grandpa Al ...

... and Uncle Nick.

Watching Addie grow is a very intense activity for the Orsens.

As you can see, Miss Adeline was introduced immediately to her mother's favorite color.

We watched Addie grow when she was getting a bath at Grandma Sue's house

Addie met Great Grandparents Joe and Betty in April when they got back to Minnesota from Texas.

Growing and getting a bit of fresh summer air wrapped in the arms ... er, legs ... of a mother's love.

Baby food and fast food at the Mall of America go well together.

Watching Addie stretch and sleep and pose and grow.

It's amazing how such tiny feet can move such very large equipment.

Growing outdoors with Mommy.

Growing outdoors with Daddy.

And hanging around with Grandma Sue when she visits the Norgaard farm.

Grandma Sue threw a deck party for Jenny's birthday.  Addie ate cake but not strawberries.

The Mall of America is half way between Victoria, MN, and Northfield, MN.  We love it!

Like mother, like daughter.  Will Addie also set records in the butterfly stroke?

Addie met Father Elstan on a summer road trip to Springfield, Illinois.

This is how Addie now takes a bath at Grandma Sue's house.

Reading is a favorite night-time, quiet-time, pass-time after the bath.

Growing into denim.

Lego-Land at the Mall of America is a highlight of many afternoons together.

Watching Addie stand and step and play and figure things out and grow some more.

Oshkosh, b'gosh!

Come to Grandma.

Little honey bunny, punkin pie, sweetie pea, that's she!

Miss Adeline crawled at 8 months and found carpeted steps to climb at 9 months.

Addie grew right into her first Halloween costume.

Will Addie grow into a speedster?

She will probably grow into a dancer.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.  How I wonder what you are ... The littlest one.

Growing with the sights and sounds of Christmas, 2003.

Addie grew to take her first steps alone at 9 months and began walking many steps alone at 10 months.  It is fun to watch Addie grow.

The End

Love, Grandma Sue

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