Visiting Veggies in Minneapolis


Every now and again we find ourselves at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market on a Sunday afternoon.  This time it was Sunday, August 7th, and although we arrived before 12 noon, it was hot and humid and crowded to the curb.  The event is like a zoo without the animals.

Hordes of people and fresh vegetables mix together like at a flea market, which it also resembles.  There are many other things for sale besides veggies — like flowers and soaps, syrups and seasonings, artwork and yard paraphernalia, even clothes and jewelry.

We often run into vegetables that are strangers to me, like these Cranberry Beans that have pink variegated pods.

These little balls are called Thai Eggplants and, as you can see, they resemble miniature watermelons.

I learned that this kind of Bitter Melon is common in China and they’re used to make medicine for stomach and intestinal disorders.

These Bitter Melons, that look like sea creatures to me, are common in India.

Asian Eggplants resemble long skinny cukes but have smooth skin and are purple.  Strange veggies.