Victoria is a Destination

Classic Car and Concert Nights bring hundreds of people to downtown Victoria every couple of  weeks on Wednesday evenings.  Free rides around town were provided in June by Storms and Alpaugh, a tax accounting firm located in the Clocktower Building.

A vintage Colonel Sanders (aka, Pat Burns of Watertown) was hired by Paul Storms  (the one in the sandals) to transport visitors around downtown if they so desired.  Nobody went faster than 30 mph.

The ZINGRAY performed downtown on June 24th.  (L-r:):  Dave Maetzold, bass guitar, inducted into the MN Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, has opened for many national artists.  Dan Engel, drummer, percussionist, got started in Annandale in the 1970’s.  John Zingsheim, lead guitar, 12 strings, played guitar since age 13.  Duane (Rick) Ward, lead guitar, synth effects, performed since age 6.

Sharon Maetzold, Dave’s wife, is a vivacious personality who graciously introduced the band to me.  Thank you, Sharon.  Back in 1971, Austin Maetzold, owner of the Mayer Lumber Company, assisted Al Orsen, the 24-year old city engineer for the City of Mayer, in lining up subs to build our house in Victoria.  Austin redrew our house plans free of charge, to accommodate my vaulted ceiling and larger bedrooms.  He was a kind man, and we enjoyed running into him at the Mayer Café and at the Medina Ballroom.  We bought our new deck material (in 2009) from Austin’s son Rod.  Mayer Lumber is now run by the fourth Maetzold generation.  To put a melody on it, It’s a Small World After All.  To put a movie cap on it, It’s a Wonderful Life.

At Floyd’s Bar and Grill, Larry Harris of Victoria and Steve Jesberg of Minnetonka, formerly Victoria.

At the Concert, Rick Stucki of Victoria (left, owner of Victoria’s Market), then Lyle McKinney (grocery manager), Rob Salvador (cashier), and Morgan Ingram (cashier).

Margaret Hanson, Joyce Burau, and Mary Moore — all Victoria girls.

In front of the Ice Cream Social, Diane Robinson, Jeanette Hay, Judy Janish, and Wanda Baldus — all members of the St. Victoria Choir.

At the Victoria House, Jim and Kathy Paulsen of Victoria.

At Vic’s Bar and Grill, Victoria Mayor Tom O’Connor and his wife Cathi (left), and John and MaryJo Zirbes and their daughter Jaclyn, also residents of Victoria along with son Kyle.

At Vic’s Bar and Grill, two Joe’s and two Randy’s.  (L-r):  Joe Chapman, Randy Schmieg, Joe Schmieg, and Randy Vanderlinde.