Victoria Pastors at Eastertide

Editor Sue

There are five churches within the city limits of Victoria.† With Eastertide 2016 approaching, I sent out interview questions and went out to photograph the five pastors for the April 2016 issue of the Gazette.† The following is a synopsis, with the churches in alphabetical order.

Pastor Bill Monday has been at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church for 12 years this summer.† He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The church first met in Deephaven in 1969, and built in their current location† on the corner of Minnewashta Parkway and Hwy 5 in 1975.† Faith membership today is 170 people.† Pastor Monday loves their bell choir.

Pastor Brian Dixon has been at the Moravian Church of Lake Auburn since the summer of 2010.† He was born in Brookings, South Dakota, and raised in Prince Georgeís County, Maryland.†

The first church at this location on Lake Auburn and County Road 11 was a log church built in 1863.† Membership today is around 100 people.† Pastor Brian is excited about their new Director of Music.

Pastor Eric Youngdahl was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and raised in Austin, Texas.† He has been at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church for 10 years, and the lead pastor at the West Campus six years.

Mount Olivet has a current membership of 14,800 people across the two campuses of Minneapolis and Victoria, with about 2,000 of that number in Victoria.† Pastor Youngddahl loves the spectacular view of Schutz Lake from the sanctuary building in Victoria which was built in 2005.

Father Bob White has been at the St. Victoria Catholic Church for 20 years.† He was born in Minneapolis, grew up in South Minneapolis, and moved to Edina when in high school.†

St. Victoria has a registered membership off 1,346 households.† The first church was a log cabin built in the 1850ís.† The historic church was built in 1872 with the steeple added in 1884.† The new church was completed in 2005.† Father Bob loves to snow ski and waterski.

Pastor Kevin Dibbley arrived at Waterbrooke Fellowship in July of 2015.† He was born and raised about a half hour south of Detroit, on the shores of Lake Erie, on the Canadian side of the border.†

Waterbrooke moved from services at the local high school to its current location on Lake Wasserman in 2006.† Current membership is about 130 people.† Pastor Kevin is an outdoor photographer, an amateur archer, and a fisherman.† He loves Carver County.