Victoria Lions Weekend ~ 2007

It's the biggest weekend in Victoria.  This year there were 61 teams playing ball during the weekend of July 20-22 at Lions Park and Diethelm Park.

Off the ground and in the air, that's Brad Kerber, son of Pete and Irene.  Lions Park is located right across from the Catholic Church in town.  Diethelm Park is located down the road about a mile, next to the Victoria Field House.

Rooting for their favorite team and enjoying the company of buddies in the bleachers, fans from all around the community enjoyed the three-day weekend.

Not everyone kept their eyes on the ball.  That's Kelsey Kelzer keeping her eyes on her little sisters Olivia and Emma at the new playground equipment at Lions Park.

Mike Poppitz, manager of the Victoria Vics town baseball team, eats and sleeps and probably dreams about baseball.  Improving a baseball field or a baseball game is part of Mike's passion.

Sun and shadows add interest to a ball game.

The Schmieg Team is always popular with the fans.  That's Ryan Worm on the left (grandson of Sylvester and Dorleen Schmieg), Doug Schmieg of Victoria next to him at the fence, and Daryl Schmieg of Victoria front and center, smiling for the editor.

One of the best things about softball is watching it, and talking it, and cheering it, and hearing it, and smelling it.  (L-r):  Loane Burau of Victoria, Dave Lindgren of Victoria, Jerry Beneke of Victoria.

Nobody works harder than Victoria Lion Dr. Tim Sebenaler, left, who is also on the active scene in Chaska for River City Days and numerous other events.  The good-natured Victoria Lion at the chauffeur's wheel is Steve Olson.

Three coins in a fountain?  No, they're three (Workman) sisters and they've already got their men.  (L-r):  Mike and Kathy Kraemer of Chaska, Tim and Ann Raser of Chaska, and Mike and Tricia Drazan of Victoria.

Most of these friends went to the school together.  (L-r):  Toby Saxon of Waconia, Sandy Krause of Victoria, Jane Schimshock of Chaska, Roxie Sackett of Chaska, Jill Kunze of Waconia, and Brian Schmieg of Victoria.

Mike Wartman grew up in Victoria, played softball, married Jodene, had two children who both were awarded Triple A recognition upon graduation from high school, teaches at Normandale College, and writes for the Victoria Gazette.  What a guy!