Victoria House Boys ~2006

This is the only place outside the fabulous Victoria House restaurant that you'll see the Victoria House Boys in 100% Natural Living Kaleidoscope Colors.  If you want to read their WHOLE story, it's on the Front Page of the August 2006 issue of the Victoria Gazette, which can be found online in The Archives.

(L-r) Bobby Goral, John Lee, and Danny Lee are known as the Victoria House Boys.  They are also cousins, and they are the owners of Cuzzy's Victoria House restaurant.

The old Victoria Feed Store, built after the turn of the century, was remodeled and expanded in the early '50's to become the Victoria Feed Mill.  The structure became the Victoria House restaurant in 1989, and was purchased by the three cousins in 2000.

The dining room at the Victoria House has been totally reconstructed to accommodate both the finest and most casual diner.  The brothers John, left, and Danny Lee are alike in many ways, except Danny Boy is younger.

If it weren't for Bobby Goral, seated here on the bar side of the Victoria House, the place couldn't properly be called Cuzzy's.  It would have to be called Brothers, or something like that.

The place was a Feed Store or a Feed House before Bud Larson turned it into the Victoria Feed Mill in the 1950's.  It was an operative Feed Mill until 1965.

For a time, under the ownership of Scott McClain, the "bar side" of the place became a Mexican restaurant called Los Molinos

while the "dining room side" hosted fashion shows and lively evenings of dancing and country music or rock 'n roll bands.

Attracting teens and area youth was a short term phase, and it also became the Victoria Dinner Theater, then a restaurant by David Keiski called Victor Victoria's.

In 1985, Michael Dunn opened the place as a restaurant called the Steiger Lake Inn.  It was vacant in 1988, and in 1989 it finally became established as the Victoria House.

The Victoria House is the favorite restaurant of many, many people.  Thank you, Victoria House Boys, for bringing the best to Victoria.  Hey, John, betcha can smile.

The End

Love, Sue