Unspeakable Memories

The many volumes of the Victoria Gazette are not simply a collection of data but a collage of humanity.  The couples featured here are among the first decade of people I interviewed, in no particular order, for front page stories.  Each of these Victoria couples, being recalled in the 2008 Valentine issue of the Gazette, has since passed away, but I bet they are still with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

What greater thing is there for two human souls
Than to feel that they are joined for life
To strengthen each other in all labor,
To rest on each other in all sorrow,
To minister to each other in all pain,
To be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
--George Eliot  1819-1880

Herbert and Pauline Kocks in "The Love Potion Worked," February 1987.

Hank and Winnie Gregory in "The Stuff of Romance," February 1988.

Lenny and Evelyn Schrempp in "Living on Borrowed Time," June 1985.

Ed and Mary Vanderlinde in "Our Vanderlinde Valentines," February 1983.

Herbert and Alice Goldschmidt in "Water Over the Dam," January 1986.

Alphonse and Margaret Schmieg in "Blest Be the Ties That Bind," December 1985.

Wilbur and Esther Krey in "The Work of a Man's Hand," October 1985.

Elmer and Lydia Klatt in "The Fishing is Always Good," January 1983.

John and Ethyl Notermann in "Do Toothbrushes Come in 15 Colors?" May 1983.

Hank and Agnes Williams in "Together Sixty Years," May 1985.

Jerome (Chub) and Celeste Aretz in "It's Been Celestial," January 1982.

Bud and Bernie Larson in "When Bud-ing Feedmills Blossoms," November 1988.

Math and Gladys Hartmann in "Hearts for the Hartmanns," February 1982.

Hank and Pearl Fossum in "Cupid Plays Fossum," February 1981.

Walter and Genevieve Ebert in "A Season for Stewardship," October 1983.

Ralph and Ruth Plocher in "Christmas is in the Air," December 1986.

Conrad and Agnes Krueger in "The Legend of Skunk Hollow," March 1985.

Dozens and dozens of others are in my files, perhaps to be resurrected for another time such as this

Love, Sue

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