Uncle Don's Funeral
Donald Vincent Claeys was born on December 9th, 1916, in Ghent, Minnesota.  He died on Tuesday, February 13th, 2001, at his home in Shoreview, MN, at the age of 84.  He fell down the steps, hurt his head badly, and did not recover from the accident.  Uncle Don has two younger brothers, my dad Joe and my Uncle Jim.  After the funeral at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Brighton, MN,  there was a meal and reception at the nearby school cafeteria.

Donald Vincent Claeys 1916-2001

Don is survived by his wife, Aunt Doris, second from left.  Next to Doris is her great granddaughter, granddaughter Sarah (Jeanene's daughter), and Sarah's husband.  The person on the far left is a friend of their family.

Don is survived by his son Doug Claeys, standing, (he and wife Peggy have three girls) and daughter Jeanene, far right.  That's Jeanene's husband Merl Munstermann seated next to her.

Don's brothers sat with their cousin Father Dick Engels, who presided at the funeral Mass.  From left to right, Aunt Julie and Uncle Jim Claeys, Father Dick, my mom and dad (Joe and Betty Claeys) and Sister Betty Ann Gits, a friend from the early school days at Ghent.

In case you didn't notice, these are the same people.

Left to right:  Terry (Claeys), and her husband Scott Boerboom, and Cindy Claeys.  Terry is the oldest daughter of Jim and Julie Claeys.

Left to right:  Dave and Cathy (Claeys) Nowariack, and Bob Claeys and his girlfriend Mary.  Cathy and Bob are children of Jim and Julie.  Altogether they have seven.

That's Doris's sister Leona (Broman) in the middle and her husband John Wilde.

This is the table where I sat with my brother Bernie Claeys (left), husband Allan Orsen next to me, and my brother Louie Claeys.

Across from me were my brother in law Steve Boerboom, who is married to my little sister Nancypants next to him, then my sister Barb Leibfried, brother Paul Claeys, sister in law Suzanne married to my brother Matt Claeys.

This is my mom and her boys (l-r):  Louie, Matt, Bernie, and Paul.

This is my dad and his boys (l-r):  Louie, Matt, Bernie, and Paul.

This is my mom and dad and their boys, same names as above.

This is all of us -- Mom and Dad and their seven kids.  From left to right, Louie, Sue, Matt, Barb, Dad, Mom, Bernie, Nancy, and Paul.

After the funeral, many family members visited Alice ("Piff") Claeys at her new apartment in the Twin Cities.  Alice, my great aunt, is pictured here with two of her nephews -- Jim Claeys ( left) and Joe Claeys, my dad.

The End

Love, Sue

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