Train to Tioga

We crawled into our bedroom compartment on Amtrak around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, September 6th.  We always choose a bedroom rather than coach, but this one was unusual.

Everything on a train is compact.

This bedroom includes a sink.

And a flush toilet.  Yikes!  We used the one down the hall.

We wake up with the sunrise and have a cup of coffee.  It’s “free” for people in bedrooms.

Our train stopped at this juncture for about 5 minutes, not sure why.

North Dakota is full of ponds and lakes.  Those tracks are raised and built with concrete timbers.

Everything outside the window of a train is an adventure.

Seems a good place for a cattle ranch.

Hi, Jenny.  Good to see you.

Hi, Goliath.  Good to see you, too.

Time for Jenny to feed her girls.

Addie Sue gives them special treats.

Addie became a teenager this past January.

You can hardly escape breakfast at the Norgaard home without eggs and bacon.

They used the ladder.

See Jenny’s hanging baskets of red petunias?

The chandelier in the tree is painted to match the deck furniture. 

It’s not a bird.

Hi, Christopher.  Were you spying on us at the chicken coop?

Both Jenny and Chris have September birthdays and there were presents to open.

Hi, Gunnar.  Glad you got in the picture.

Gunnar’s newest instrument is the saxophone.  Some of Jenny’s furniture pieces are her art projects.

They let Goliath lay inside by the back door when it’s too hot outside … or too cold … or raining … or thundering and lightning …

We picked up Gunnar in town after football practice.

Addie is a very good volley ball player.  She’s serving in this picture.

She’s the server here, too.  Tioga won two of the three games.  They were playing Stanley.

We spent a couple days working on their bank building in downtown Tioga.

Mainly, we worked on windows — cleaning, repairing, staining, painting.