Touch of Bavaria 2001

Each year the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, a small but dedicated group of hardworking Victoria business people, brings A Touch of Bavaria to this community that lies near Lake Bavaria.  Remembering roots connects us to the past as we live today and move into the future.  This day was Saturday, September 22nd, and it was the coldest wettest day since last winter. North wind blew and rain seeped through the large tent set up for the event and flooded the grass floor.  One of the musical bands opted out since there were so few people in attendance during the first several hours of the September downpour.  Finally, about 5 p.m. the rain stopped, and then people instead of rain poured into our tent.  It was fortunate … and fabulous!

Horse and carriage rides are always a hit for visitors to Touch of Bavaria.  Thank you, people at Nature's Bounty in Victoria, for making the rides possible.

The most popular band is Alpenrose, headed up by Joe Diethelm (left) who has Victoria roots, his wife, and other family and friends.

Tiny bubbles in the air?  Yes, and children on the dance floor … until the adults take over and swing into polkas and waltzes. 

Hi, Clarence and Dorothy Kelzer, two of our favorite costumed and dancing characters.  They live on a beautiful dairy farm just south of the City of Victoria.  Clarence's great grandfather was Wendelin Grimm, of Grimm Alfalfa fame.

Hi, Marlene Speltz, administrator president of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you for your great work with the Chamber … and your beautiful crafts.

Three of the editor's favorite dancing partners are (l-r) Jerry Michel, Bill Scholl, and Tom Welter.  Love that old tyme music!

Three of the editor's favorite girl friends are (l-r) Julianne Wartman, Mary Moore, and Germaine Jesberg.  Love that fun and frolic!

Every now and then one finds the editor's Ad Sales Manager at Victoria events.  Hi, Kathy Kraemer (left) who lives in Chaska and her sister Tricia (right) who lives in Victoria.

The couple on the right are Victoria residents Bonnie Carlson and her husband Jerry Amrhein.  The couple on the left are Barb and Dave Young of Eden Prairie, friends of Terry Hertensteiner.

A whole bunch of Victoria people are gathered around this table, including Sharon and Gary Lauwagie up front, June and Pat Henning, Denise and Tom Stumpf, and others, too!

This table of Victoria people includes Elaine Notermann, Dale and Rose Carroll, Dallas and Karen Notermann, and Jane Michel with her head in her hands.  Who's that sober vested fellow on the far left of this photo?

Hi, Mike and Jodene Wartman and son Ben.  Mike is that fellow who writes about his growing up days in Victoria under the byline, "Former resident of Victoria."  The family, which includes daughter Jesse, lives in Prior Lake, MN.

All of these guys were manning the beer booth at Touch of Bavaria.  I've been informed they are (l-r):  Jim Machemehl, Steve Soine, Jim Judd, Erik Solie, Tom Pitzen, Rick Neumann, and Scott Zweibohmer.  (Thank you, Erik, for the names.)

Alpenrose paused for a reflective and reverent time as they played their rendition of patriotic music to recall the victims and suffering of September 11th.  Thank you, Joe and Gang.

Master of Ceremonies Richard Tieden (at the mike) called several of the hardest workers and organizers of Touch of Bavaria to the stage for recognition and applause.  They are (l-r) Jeff and Leslie Hartman in front and Eileen and Marv Hartman on the platform.  To the right of Richard are Marlene and David Speltz and County Commissioner John Siegfried on the platform.  That's Darryl Wrolson and his soon to be bride Debbie Hartman in the front on the right.

The person with the camera was also called to the front.

The End

Love, Sue