We had front row comfy seats for the parade, in front of the bank.

The parade was part of Tiogaís Farm Fest.

The marching band was courtesy of the Tioga High School.

Iíve never seen so many firetrucks for a rather small town.† I only took pictures of a few of them.

Gunnar and Addie both signed up to be part of a trap shooting event near the Tioga dam.

The same comfy chairs.

Gunnar came in second out of the shooters and won a $100 pair of fancy binoculars and also five boxes of shells for his shotgun.

Addie didnít win anything, but she was pretty brave to be part of the shoot.

Allan and I have seen Monroe Crossing here in the Twin Cities and were surprised to see them perform for the Tioga Farm Fest.† Their fiddling is fantastic and they harmonize like nobodyís business.

This is the one and only car wash in Tioga, owned and operated by Christopher Norgaard.† Construction began earlier this year and was completed in time for the dust and mud season.

It is a very busy place but Jenny took me through it in her Suburban to show me how good it works.

This is the room that people donít see.

Chris can keep an eye on people coming and going with this monitor in his shop and equipment room.† The carwash is state of the art and very successful.

Itís not too often that you see a windmill blade anywhere except rotating in the wind.† A big windmill farm is being constructed just outside Tioga.

Addie practices her volleyball serving every evening against a side of their garage.

The blue masking tape is the height of a volleyball net.