Tioga Work and Play Continued

The kids are on a Pee Wee team in Tioga.† Thatís Gunnar at bat.

Thatís Gunnar swinging.

Thatís Addie at bat.

Thatís Addie swinging.

We meet another train on the way back to the farm.

This one was a very long oil tanker.

This is the driveway up to their house.

This is their house.† They moved out here in February Ö or was it March!

Iím glad Jenny will have a garage for her truck this winter.

This was the first day that the Tioga swimming pool opened.

Look at those dark clouds heading in.

Taking a break.

Every year the kids have to pass the 7-foot rule in order to go off a diving board.

They have to swim 100 feet nonstop for the lifeguard.

Sure enough, after we got home it started to hail.† Can you spot where Goliath crawled?

Addie was just getting out of the shower and then ran outside to see the hail.

Everything is a novelty.† Everything is fun.

Goliath ate the hailstones like they were jelly beans.

Then it was time to celebrate Fatherís Day.

Thank you for the delicious meal, Jenny.

Chris is a good daddy.

Grandpa Al and Daddy Chris got matching t-shirts.

In no time at all, it was time to drive back to Victoria.† Itís less than ten hours away.

Love, Mom

Thank you, kids, for a wonderful Bed and Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner and Everything Else.