Tioga Work and Play

When your kids live in Tioga, North Dakota, you visit Tioga, North Dakota, over and over again.† And itís always an adventure for us, always something new to learn, always good to see our kids and grandkids, and it seems I have to chronicle much of what we do.† Probably to hang onto a little more of thing wonderful life as long as we possibly can.† We traveled to Tioga this time the week of June 10th.

I didnít take any pictures this time until we were well into North Dakota, when wind mills appeared.

And then trains appeared.

The trains have orange-colored engines.

You can never see the beginning and the ending of the trains at the same time.

There seems to be no ending to the number of oil tankers traveling across North Dakota.

When we see the first oil wells, we know weíre getting close to Jenny and her family.

And many of the trains include oil tankers beyond the counting number.

What to do with four extra recliners?

Their baby New Foundland is named Goliath but also goes by Gully Bear.

One of the first things Addie and Gunnar did is bring one of their bunnies for Grandma Sue to hold.


Hi, Addie.† Hi, Jenny.

Allan showed them how to make Beer Can Chicken.† See Jenny in the kitchen?

Hi, Gunnar.† Hi, Goliath.

Yup, itís done.

Jenny has her island table ready.

Beer can comes out.

Jennyís deviled eggs disappeared fast.

Allan carved the chicken.

The girls stained the deck.

It got to be a very hot day.

Gunnar gives Grandpa Al a ride.

Addie gives Grandma Sue a ride.

The bunnies, Frankie and Flicka, stay put.

Thank you for the tour, Addie.

Now Gunnar gives Grandma Sue a ride.

Those little kids can do anything.

Now Addie gives Grandpa Al a ride.

They love to play with Goliath.

Goliath loves attention from Jenny.

Seems Iíve got that same picture of Addie in my backyard.

Look which direction the bunnies are facing.

A wading pool just for Goliath.

Soon heíll need a cattle tank to cool off.

Gunnar couldnít have animals when they lived in town.

And they didnít have all this space in town.

Jenny put flower boxes on the barn.

Addie and Jenny are the fastest in potato sack races.

You can see oil wells from their North Dakota farm.

We went for a walk around the perimeter.

Chris had a pile of crushed rock hauled in Ö maybe to make a dry pad out back.

Their garden is up and growing.

Christopher put a fancy new radio in Babeís.† Itís at a slip on Lake Sakakawea now.

Every time Jenny and I went to town, we had to wait for a train.

The train sure wasnít going to wait for us.

Everything is fun in Tioga.

It looks like the front but itís the back.† Engines have to push as well as pull.

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