Tioga Work

We like to help the kids with a project when we go to Tioga, because they have a hard time finding help.  Addie turned 10 on January 21st and so we celebrated the birthday and Allan helped them renovate the kids’ bathroom.

When we arrived, Chris and Jenny had already gutted the bathroom.  They had taken out the big old bathtub, old vanity, and wallboard.

The old stool was still connected and working, but that also on its way out.

It went out to their deck.  Do you see Jenny and kids playing in the snow with Goliath?

After all the pieces were out of the bathroom, the guys laid hardwood floor, one board at a time.  It’s beautiful.

Jenny picked out bead-board to install on the ceiling and also on the walls.  First the ceiling.

The guys did the  cutting in the first stall of their detached garage.

The base of the new shower was next installed.

When things didn’t fit exactly right, they called in the lady of the house for her opinion.

After the shower was installed, the men moved the new vanity into place and fitted the new Corian countertop and sink on top of it.  They also did the new plumbing and pipework for the sink and shower.

Finishing touches included baseboard and crown molding.  The men worked with two specials saws out in their garage.

Jenny and I went shopping and she found a mirror that she liked at Hobby Lobby in Minot.

Jenny hung a shelf she already had for towels and washcloths.  It works perfect for kids and guests.  Actually, there’s a large bathroom (and other bedrooms) downstairs  for overnight guests like us. 

Gunnar helped Jenny with some of the painting.

Jenny had picked out a fancy new toilet with scalloped edges at the base and on the tank.

The vanity has six drawers, and there’s also a tall closet with many shelves, located directly across from the vanity.

Here you get a peek at the crown molding.  It was an amazing transformation.

Love, Mom

It was a perfect wall for Amazing Grace.