Tioga Birthday† ~† Addieís 10th

Addie turned 10 years old on January 21st, 2013.† Seems like only yesterday she was born, weighing 10 pounds 5 ounces.† It worked out well to put all of Addieís birthday presents under the Christmas tree, which Jenny kept up just for our visit.

Jenny made a double-decker chocolate birthday cake for Addie and added sprinkles to the frosting.

Addie chose to have her birthday party at their fish house on nearby Lake Sakakawea, so everybody packed up the presents and the pickup trucks and Goliath sat in the back with his birthday girl.

Goliath loves Jenny and the feelings are mutual.† All the other boys (Christopher, Gunnar, and Allan) went ahead of us in Chrisí pickup truck.†

Having a big dog in the back seat gives me the tickles.† He is still a young boy, less than one year old.

Jenny opened the back window half way so Goliath could get some cool fresh air.† His fur coat is so heavy and thick that he easily gets hot.† Goliath doesnít much mind the Deep Freeze.

There are oil wells and pumps and a few natural gas flames along the way to their fish house.

In less than 20 minutes we saw Lake Sakakawea in the distance.†

The oil-laden terrain is very unusual and so picturesque, always demanding a picture.

It was biting cold outside, but Goliath kept sticking his nose and then his whole head out the window.

Itís a huge lake but has very few fish houses out there, none of them close to each other.† The double dots toward the left in this picture are Chrisí truck and their ice house.† The men left early to warm it up for us.

You would never see this scenery from inside a fish house in Minnesota.

We wanted a picture of the birthday girl with her presents and her best four-legged friend.

Gunnar is a fisherman ó he helped his dad get everything ready for us ahead of time ó and he probably couldnít believe that we all didnít man the lines when we girls arrived.† We were thankful the guys had the heat on for us.† Thereís proof on the wall that Gunnar caught a very big fish last year.

The Norgaards.† Notice that Jenny and I have identical large purses by Thirty-One.† Jenny went to a party and bought them for us.

Gunnar was hoping to catch a fish.† Addie was hoping to open presents.

We were all careful to not step into the cold holes.

Grandpa Al wrapped his present to Addie in a Diet Pepsi box.† Seems I didnít get a picture of it, but when we got back to their house, Addie immediately turned on her lava lamp.† It matches her room.

Arenít those kids getting big!!† Gunnar is two years younger and a couple inches shorter, but he weighs more than his big sister.

The little sweetie got lots of presents.

Another other things, Jenny gave Addie another Webkindz to add to her Webkindz World.

Christopher is a good host.

Then it was time to blow out candles and eat birthday cake.

Itís always Chrisí job to light the candles.

Happy birthday, Honey Bunny.

You might not believe it, but Addie hasnít learned how to blow heartily.† However, she is learning how to whistle!

Everyone smiles at her blowing technique.

Jenny loves her little girl a lot.

Addie loves her mama a lot.

Itís fun when those kids get funny, which they often do.

Grandma Sue likes Goliath, too.† They couldnít have a better dog.

Like my mom always says, in ten years weíll look back at this picture and think we looked pretty good.

Itís hard to get a super picture facing a window, but thatís just how it had to be.

Hope you had a happy birthday, Sweet Adeline.

Love You

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al, too.