Time with the Train Kids

After dinner that Palm Sunday afternoon of April 17th, 2011, and after Nick and his kids went home that evening,  the rest of us went outside to roast marshmallows.

It was cool but not windy, and we enjoyed our first evening of the year at the firepit.

Addie and Gunnar always find something to do to keep busy.

While Jenny was at the dentist on Monday, Grandma Sue took the kids to Edinborough Park in Edina.

When Jenny met her girlfriends that evening, Grandma Sue took the kids to the Victoria House via the nearby bike trail.

Grandpa Al joined us after work and while he finished eating, the kids played outside our window.

Everyone was all worn out by the time we got to the train station that night.

The train between Tioga, ND, and Minneapolis is always late, whether coming or going.

Everyone watches the train when it whooshes into the station, just outside the lounge windows.

Love you all.

Thank you for the flowers, Jenny.