Tiling in Tioga

Our time in Tioga ND, hometown of daughter Jenny and family, stretched from Saturday, February 11th, through Wednesday, February 15th.† Most of those five days centered on re-renovating their old bank building in downtown Tioga.† The rest centered on Jennyís good kids and good meals.† Letís start with tiling the bathroom at the bank.

Formerly the Tioga State Bank, Jenny and Chris purchased it some years ago and remodeled it into living quarters, upstairs and down, for six men working in the oil fields.† With the downturn in boomtime, Jenny is thinking it would make a cute coffee and consignment shop.

That meant making the bathroom handicapped accessible, and Jenny wanted it to be a top shelf bathroom, which meant installing tile.† Theyíre not afraid to tackle anything.

Allan cut the tile pieces to fit in corners and edges.† Part of the time he cut tile outside because itís kind of a cold wet mess.

Jenny and Chris installed this kitchen after they first purchased the bank building.† Now Jenny needed a section of the cabinets to be raised higher in order to accommodate fancy coffee equipment.

Maybe you recall that theyíve already refinished the hardwood floors, got rid of the dropped ceiling, replaced windows, cleaned woodwork, and painted the walls.† See the bank vault?† They use it for storage of tools and paint and stuff.

After the section of cabinet was raised, Jenny and Chris installed tile on the backsplash.† It looked beautiful!

I painted the hall room into the bathroom and I also cleaned up the woodwork with fresh stain.

Every morning we took Addie and Gunnar to school.† Although the bus drives right onto their yard, everyone gets to sleep a half hour longer if Jenny drives them to school.† Gunnar, are you still sleepy?

I wanted to get a picture of that long beautiful natural curly hair.

Addie is in the 8th grade this year and attends the Tioga High School, which is for grades 7 through 12.

Seems like only yesterday that Addie was in kindergarten.

Gunnar is in the 6th grade here at Central Elementary which is also called Tioga Elementary.† For the first years, Addie and Gunnar were at the same school together, of course.

See you later, Gun Gun.

While we were in Tioga, Addie finished putting the board together for her science project.† Iíve since learned that her project was one of the few chosen to go to State Competition in Fargo.

Gunnarís science project was also outstanding but it wasnít chosen to go to State.† Maybe next year!

Addie and Jenny taught me how to play a new game called Cathedral.† I like it, but I need to pick up a better strategy because I never won a game!

We also played Dominoes.† I think I won.

The kidsí bedrooms are now downstairs and so is ours.

Love, Grandma Sue

Thank you for everything, Jenny and Chris.† Always good to be with you.