At the Arboretum

First I took Theofiel on the scenic three-mile drive through the Arboretum, and he remarked on the groupings of birch trees, evergreen trees, sculpted shrubs, hardy azaleas, magnolia trees, iris gardens, rose gardens, paved walkways, geese that walked up from the pond, and everything else at this grand acreage.  Then I parked the car and we walked a ways and enjoyed the beautiful autumn afternoon.

Having left my parent’s home at Ghent, and then the Ghent Cemetery, we got back to Victoria that Wednesday afternoon, September 26th, about 4 o’clock.  Allan went to tennis while Theofiel and I went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which is located less than a mile from our home.  Theofiel and Josee are avid gardeners at their home in Dilsen, Belgium. 

When we saw the sculpted maze of shrubs, we thought of Josee, who sculpts their gardens in Dilsen.

The sun was going to be setting and it was time for supper so we headed home.

I made BLT’s for supper because I wanted to use some of Dad’s fresh tomatoes from his garden, and Theofiel asked for the recipe, since he never had them before.  I said, “bacon, lettuce, tomato.”

We were at the airport the next morning by 5:30 a.m. for his flight to Boston where he would join up with his daughter and son in law for a couple more days before flying back to Belgium.  It had been for us an enjoyable four to five days, and I think for Theofiel too.

The End