Theofiel at Minneota, Minnesota

The next morning ó Tuesday, September 25th ó Allan and I drove Theofiel to Minneota, MN, where Vincent and Judy Bot arranged for a special cousins gathering that afternoon to see this Belgian connection and to see each other.† Everyone had a grand time.† Thank you, Vin and Judy, for opening up your beautiful home to Theofiel and everyone, and for the delicious dinner.

Vincent and Theofiel in front of the Botís home on Wilson Street in Minneota, near the golf course.

Judy Bot, left, is the lady of this house.† Her parents were Leo and Isabelle Hennen; Isabelle was a Jennen before she became a Hennen.† Thatís my mother Betty Ann Claeys on the right.† Her parents were Harold and Mary Opdahl; Mary was a Jennen before she became an Opdahl.† In other words, Judy and my mom are first cousins and relatives to Theofielís wife Josee and the late Father Jennen.

Vincent showed us several written and bound family histories of the Jennens, the Hennens, the Bots and other families.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Orville Hennen and Richard Bot who had birthdays on September 24th when Orville turned 83 and Richard, 90.† When the gathering of cousins caught wind of Theofielís 71st birthday ó also on September 24th! ó everyone sang Happy Birthday to him also.

Mom and Gary Jennen of Fergus Falls are first cousins.† Gary is a brother to Ann Jacobs, who was at my house with husband Bruce, and so his parents were also Johnny and Theona Jennen.

Thatís Patricia Wyffels, wife of Louie Wyffels of Marshall whose parents were Albert and Christine Wyffels of Minneota.† Christine was a Jennen (oldest sister of Mary and Isabelle and John, also Jules, Cecelia, Lizzy, Nellie, Joe, Josephine, Ann, Bernice.)† In other words, Patís mother in law was a Jennen.† On the right is Richard Jennen, son of the late Jules and Julianne Jennen.

Conrad Hennen (standing), of Minneota is a son of Isabelle [Jennen] and Leo Hennen; Vincent, center, is the husband of Judy; and Richard Bot, right, is a brother of Vincent who was married to the late Phyllis VanOverbeke, daughter of Josephine [Jennen] and Arthur VanOverbeke of Green Valley.†

Thatís Shirley Buesing, left, wife of Roger Buesing of Renville, whose mother was Cecelia (Jennen) Buesing of Granite Falls; Elaine Hennen, wife of Conrad Hennen (son of Isabelle), and Terry Hennen, a DeLanghe girl married to Jack Hennen, son of Isabelle.† Conrad and Jack are Ghent/Minneota brothers.

Pat Wyffels and Roger Buesing, son of Cecilia (Cyl Jennen) and Ernie Buesing.†

Betty Ann Claeys of Ghent (daughter of Mary) and first cousin Gary Jennen of Fergus Falls ( son of John).

Theofil enjoyed visiting with all the Jennen people from this side of The Big Pond.

Theofiel collected signatures on a birthday card that he was giving to Mariette (Jennen) Dreesen, for her birthday.† Mariette, who lives in Lanklaar, Belgium, is a sister to the late Father Ferdinand Jennen and a sister to Benny.† Benny lives in Dilsen where Theofiel and Josee live.

Orville and Marge Hennen of Marshall, formerly Ghent.† Orville, one of the Jennen cousins, is a son of Leo and Isabelle (Jennen) Hennen.

Diane and David Hennen of Minneota are signing Marietteís birthday card.† David is also a son of Leo and Isabelle ó the youngest brother, I think.

Thatís Marlys Mullins in the middle.† Marlys is a daughter of Nellie (Jennen) and Hank Windey.† She is currently living with her daughter in Blaine until she sells her Florida home.† Judy, standing, is the hostess with the mostess.† (Thank you, Judy, for helping to fill in some of the blanks:)

Vincent and Marlys.

Left to right, Conrad Hennen, Roger Buesing, and Jack Hennen.† Jack, who is the comedian cousin, is another son of Leo and Isabelle.

Before dinner, Judy had us all say grace and then hold hands and sing, ďThe more we get together the happier weíll be.Ē† Itís their family tradition.

Terry, Theofiel, and Mom dug into doing dishes.

Richard Jennen, Gary Jennen, Vincent Bot,† and Jack Hennen watched them do the dishes.

Next to Vincent is his daughter Pam Haukom and granddaughter Kirsten of Marhall who stopped to say hi.

Thank you, Judy and Vincent, for your delicious food and your hospitality.† It was good to be with you.† And thank you for having a bed that night for Theofiel and breakfast the next morning.† ~Love, Sue & Al

On the left is Audrey Baker, daughter of Josephine (Jennen) and Arthur VanOverbeke of Green Valley.† Then Marge Hennen, Pat Wyffels, and Marlys Mullins.

Diane Hennen said I should be in the picture Ö with Gary Jennen and David Hennen.

Also with Marlys and Vincent.

And then with Theofiel and Allan.

Shirley Buesing, Elaine Hennen, Terry Hennen.

The dish towel looked like it was to home on Theofielís shoulder.

The lady in the blue is Jeanette Hoberg of Minneota.† She said that her mother was a Moorse, and the Moorseís were related to the Stassenís.† Mike Jennenís first wife was Helen [Stassen] Jennen.† She told Judy Bot that every time Father Jennen came to America, he would come and visit her family.