It was Friday, September 21st, the first day of a new season, and everything was "falling" into place.  Nick Orsen of Victoria, MN, and Jen Ellingson, of Waskish, MN, were practicing their wedding vows under the guidance of Father Luis Buitron, the hometown priest of the Ellingsons who officiating the wedding in Bemidji where accommodations could be made for traveling families and friends.

Thank you, Father Luis, for helping to get everyone on track that evening at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilton, which is located just on the edge of Bemidji.

Our daughter Jenny Norgaard is being escorted here by Rob Raiche, friend of the groom.

Thank you, Mary Ellen Krump, friend of the bride at the organ (and mother of Julie the bridesmaid) and vocalist Aunt Monica Von Wald (sister of the bride's mother).

Jen helped give their little flower girl and ring bearer confidence as they prepared for the big aisle ahead of them.  Their daddy Christopher, in the white shirt and tie, was also at their side.

Addie and Gunnar Norgaard, niece and nephew of the groom,  took their roles very seriously.

Addie is 4 and a half.  Gunnar is 2 and half.

Their Grandma Sue just kept taking pictures and didn't notice the flash wasn't working properly but did notice that Jen and her dad were preparing for their steps down the aisle.

Father Luis gestured, "Come on down!"

It was difficult for Mr. Ellingson to give away his only daughter.

Thank you, Mr. Ellingson, for the fine gift.

It's all about love.

It's about love and marriage (Hi, Maid of Honor Heidi and Best Man Matt.)

which go together like a horse and carriage, even if you don't know the old song.

Hello, son in law Christopher Norgaard and grandchildren Addie and Gunnar.

The groomsmen line up as told.  Hi, Matt, John Lies, Rob Raiche, Dave Ellingson, Eric Ellingson.

Helen and Dave enjoy the occasion.

And so do Allan and Sue Orsen, that other couple.

"Keep talking to me, Babe."

"I do" and "I do."  Did someone promise to love, honor, and obey?  Oh, yes, it was only practice.

Could a photo at the Unity Candle be any nicer, even on The Big Day itself?   You shall see.

Something was funny, but nobody remembers just what.

There's one way to tell when it's time to be done.

Our next stop was the Groom's Dinner at the Peppercorn in Bemidji.  Hi, Nick and Matt. Hi, Rob and John.  What a great group of guys.

Jen poses with some other men in her life.  (L-r):  I can't remember the name of the guy standing but he was a friend of Father Luis' from Columbia,, brother Dave, Father Luis, Dad David, brother Eric.

Some of my family included (l-r) Uncle Bob and Aunt Clarone Williams from Half Moon Bay, California, my mom and dad (Joe and Betty Claeys from Ghent, MN), and my Aunt Sharlene and Uncle Bill Drown from Minneota, MN.  If you look at it from Nick's perspective, they are his grandparents and some of his great aunts and uncles.

Rob and John are seated here across from their wives, Staci and Jill.  Get it straight, please.

Matt is seated with Addie.

Nick and Jen handed out many wonderful gifts to the bridal party.  Addie loved her Wedding Barbie Doll and showed it to her Great Grandma Betty.

It was good getting to know you, Heidi.  Many others were at the Groom's Dinner and it was all very good.  Thank you, Peppercorn, for your fine service.