The Wedding

March 23rd, 2002, marks the time from which Jenny and Chris will count wedding anniversaries, but this album page marks other time from shortly before, during, and after the celebration of their marriage.  The couple has more inclusive wedding albums and videos from friends and professionals.  These are only casual bits and pieces from a mother's perspective, a mother's camera, which I did not use during the actual ceremony nor at the dinner and dance following the wedding because there simply wasn't room in my purse for a camera!  May you enjoy this time with our lovely daughter, the former Jenny Orsen, and her good husband Christopher Thor Norgaard.

One of Jenny's several "shower send-offs" included an evening with some of her parents' friends.  The stretch limo picked us up at 7222 Lilac Lane in Victoria for a first class trip to Minneapolis.

Jenny and Chris made a touching couple in the limo.

Should we comment on the bride's parents?

The comfortable and luxurious evening ride included great Victoria friends (l-r) Mary Moore, Germaine Jesberg, and Julianne Wartman.

Thank you, Mike and Mary Meuwissen, for sponsoring the evening.

Father and daughter enjoyed tropical refreshments and elaborate entrees at Chino Latino, the hoppin' place on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

On Friday night before the big Saturday, the wedding party gathered for "practice" at St. Victoria.  Thank you, Tina and Wendy, for your wonderful help as wedding coordinators.

Jenny and Chris found their spot on the altar.

Four gentlemen on guard were (l-r) Eric Norgaard, brother of the groom; Charlie Norgaard, brother of the groom; Nick Orsen, brother of the bride; and Gary Mattson, friend of the groom.  Hi, guys.

Women in waiting were (l-r) Amy Grimm, friend of the bride; Rita (Hilgers) Belka, friend of the bride; Celia Norgaard, sister of the groom; and Deanna Lind, friend and maid of honor.  Hi, girls.

Some of the groom's family in the front pew were father Vance and Jean Norgaard (on the right), and mother Linda and Keith Barcus next to them.  Hi, also, to Sheila, Kendra, Marty, and Tim.

Does practice makes perfect?  Can a daughter truly be given away?  Hi, Allan and Jenny.  We do have so much fun.  Love you.

Witnessing a wedding requires signatures.  Hi, Eric and Deanna.

Arriving on the big day, Saturday, March 23rd, the Orsen boys were handsome in their tuxedos and ready to go to church!

Would the mother of the bride wear the first and only dress she tried on for the occasion?  Yes.

Would the bride wear the very first dress she tried on for the occasion?  No.  The chosen gown was spied five minutes later.

Professional wedding photographs and video began a couple hours before the 2:30 p.m. wedding at St. Victoria.  Thank you, K.J. McDonald and son Joe.  Love that video!

No prodding was necessary to bring the best out of bride and groom.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

With others cameras clicking away, only two of the wedding party had eyes on the editor's camera.  Jenny and Nick Orsen were looking at their mother who loves them so.

Jenny's maid of honor was her good friend Deanna, whom she met working in Information Technologies at Target Corporation..

The bride's grandparents, Joe and Betty Claeys of Ghent, Minnesota, flew in from their winter home in Alamo, Texas, to be part of the day.  Father Bob White's office sufficed for some photos.

The editor with her favorite husband, favorite daughter, and favorite Mom and Dad.

The memories of Jenny and her lifelong friend, Rita (Hilgers) Belka, continue to build.

Long stemmed roses garnished tables at the large Lakeside Ballroom in Waconia.  Thank you, Mike and Kathy Kraemer, for being our host and hostess  and babysitting as necessary.

Family and friends were invited to the Orsen home to open gifts all the next day and enjoy food and other hospitality.  Grandma Claeys gave Jenny one of her beautiful handmade quilts.

After a honeymoon cruise in the South Seas, the newlyweds packed up gifts and headed out to Chris' farm on Gates Avenue in Northfield, MN -- henceforth to be known as "The Pearly Gates."

Within a couple weeks, Jenny was a bridesmaid for her friends Amy Grimm and Ben Mayer.  Lucky Al and Sue Orsen of Victoria, Minnesota, were also invited to the posh event.

We spent more time with Jenny and Chris this day than on their own wedding day.

Clowning for her mother's camera.

Kissing for her mother's camera.

Is there anything better than life?

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The End

Love, Sue

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