The Sledding Hill

After Christmas we went to the sledding hill that is located between Victoria and Waconia.

It is a very big hill.

Very, very big.

So Addie and Gunnar practiced on the little hill first.

Then Gunnar spied a little rodent.

Gunnar tried to catch it.

Then it was back to sledding.  Go, Gunnar!

One more slide on the bunny hill … Go, Addie!

… and then they all walked up the big hill …

… and came down the big hill …

 … and walked back up the big hill …

 … and came back down the big hill.

Christopher and Addie rode together.

Jenny and Gunnar are not sliding backwards.  They were just going so fast down the big hill that they practically slid all the way up the bunny hill.

Jenny squealed all the way!

The only reason we finally went home was because there wasn’t an easy way back up the hill.

But the critter was really fast.